Masdar Institute Faculty Adds Abu Dhabi to Highly Selective Global Academy CIRP

September 21, 2018

CIRP Member Dr. Marwan Khraisheh to Help Open Doors for Region’s Capable and Proven Researchers and Gain Entry to Elite Club of Scientists

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 25 February, 2012 – Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, today announced one of its faculty has raised the institution’s global profile by becoming the first-ever member to represent the region on the prestigious International Academy for Production Engineering, known by its French acronym CIRP.

Dr. Marwan Khraisheh, Dean of Engineering at Masdar Institute, currently represents Abu Dhabi as an Associate Member on the International Academy for Production Engineering known as Collège International pour la Recherche en Productique (CIRP), world leaders in the research and underlying science for advanced manufacturing technology. Only international R&D experts of many years standing are admitted to the elite and highly selective organization. A researcher has to be nominated and supported by existing members, following which a strict vetting process will ensure the standing of the potential candidate before being admitted to the club of top-level scientists.

Dr. Khraisheh has published extensively in various international journals. Specialized in materials processing and manufacturing technologies, his interests also include sustainable manufacturing, advanced materials and light-weight alloys.

The membership of Dr Khraisheh on CIRP is expected to further propel Masdar Institute towards more specialized international gatherings of top level scientists, paving the way for submission of papers and participating in various working group meetings on advanced manufacturing technology.

Though Dr Khraisheh became a CIRP Member in 2007 while he was in the US, he requested to transfer his membership to Abu Dhabi to add UAE as a member country of CIRP, opening the door for capable and proven scientists and researchers from this region to gain an entry into the highly selective club. His request was approved by the membership committee and the general assembly of CIRP. No country can automatically become a member of this group, but Dr Khraisheh’s credentials have ensured that Abu Dhabi is now represented on CIRP as a country.

Dr Fred Moavenzadeh, President of Masdar Institute, said: “Masdar Institute has accomplished several milestones in global recognitions during the last few years and what Dr Marwan Khraisheh has achieved will further elevate our status among the international scientific community. We acknowledge his noteworthy commitment to the region and Masdar Institute.

“With Dr Khraisheh as a member, there is immense scope to work with budding innovators in manufacturing technologies and increase members to this prestigious club from the UAE over the next few years. We thank the UAE’s wise leadership for their vision in establishing an institution that has achieved multiple successes.”

Members are researchers and academicians with recognized credentials and the potential to become active CIRP contributors and collaborators. Currently, CIRP’s membership profile is dominated by countries such as the US, Germany and Japan, strongly demonstrating their role in advanced manufacturing technologies and R&D. However, countries such as Canada, Italy, France and China have sizeable membership on the CIRP as well.  One of the most important aspects of CIRP is its exclusive status, since membership is limited to only about 400 members worldwide and countries have limited seats.

Dr Khraisheh said: “More than a personal achievement, the CIRP membership representing Abu Dhabi raises the international profile of Masdar Institute and Abu Dhabi, bringing high-level recognition among the most influential club of researchers in the scientific community. This is essential for Abu Dhabi as the emirate is launching itself into various new manufacturing areas such as aerospace, metals and advanced components.

“My objective is to further highlight Masdar Institute’s special status in academia through such recognitions, to continue recruiting the best and brightest faculty and students, and make them proud of their place of study and research. In future, we will work towards setting up a group from the UAE on manufacturing and production comprising researchers from academia and industry to demonstrate Abu Dhabi’s emerging role in scholarly activities and research. This recognition is the first for the region and Masdar Institute will continue to reiterate its standing as an acclaimed institution where cutting edge research is conducted and recognized at global level.”

Masdar Institute has already gained status as a premier research-driven institution across the world, especially through the involvement of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Now being represented on CIRP, the scope widens for Masdar Institute faculty and others in Abu Dhabi to interact with and reach out to the world’s best scientists, and further promote scientific research, while mentoring the young to set higher benchmarks in academic and research excellence.

A leading organization in production engineering research, CIRP’s primary aim is to promote scientific research through the development of all aspects of manufacturing technology covering the optimization, control and management of processes, as well as machines and systems. The number of members is intentionally kept limited, so as to facilitate informal scientific information exchange and personal contacts.

Established in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Masdar Institute integrates theory and practice to incubate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, working to develop the critical thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.  With its world-class faculty and top-tier students, the Institute is committed to finding solutions to the challenges of clean energy and climate change through education and research.