Masdar and Masdar Institute Offer Lessons in Sustainability to Students at Emirates National School Science Fair

September 21, 2018

Students Enthusiastically Participate in Quiz Games on Environment

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 4 June, 2012 – Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s multifaceted renewable energy company, and Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, demonstrated their support to students of Emirates National School (Boys Campus) by offering lessons in sustainability during the Science Fair.

The Science Fair for students at the Mohamed Bin Zayed campus was held on 22 May displaying innovative projects that focused on sustainability, energy and the environment.

As part of Masdar and Masdar Institute’s school outreach program, representatives from Masdar and Masdar Institute including Dr. Kenneth Volk, Outreach Manager, Masdar Institute and Zainab Al Ali, Senior Outreach Officer, organized a presentation, and quiz competition to encourage students to learn more about science and environment. The quiz challenged the students’ knowledge on renewable energy. Three students participated in the games during each session, with the floor occasionally thrown open to the audience to answer some of the more difficult questions.

The active participation by Masdar and Masdar Institute aimed to present the students with adequate information on renewable energy and the need to lead a sustainable lifestyle. The participation was also an opportunity for the students and teachers to gain further insight into the kind of Master’s programs offered at Masdar Institute and the eligibility requirements.

A large number of students enthusiastically participated in the quiz competition. Most of the questions were about the technology, key inventors, and/or dates of inventions and the prompt answers showed students’ extent of learning and awareness. Students additionally learnt about the concepts and terminology of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass and hydro. The Science Fair brought out the best in the students and proved to be one of the most enthusiastic interactive sessions.

Earlier this month, Masdar supported the Science Fair at the Emirates National School Girl’s campus of the Mohamed Bin Zayed campus. Masdar offered them materials on environment and sustainable living and organized similar activities as part of its continuous effort to promote outreach to youth across the UAE’s schools.

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