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Lockheed Martin Partners with Khalifa University to Improve Groundbreaking Analytics Tool

September 7, 2018

Lockheed Martin and Khalifa University announced today that they have signed a formal research partnership agreement aimed towards improving Lockheed Martin’s LM Wisdom® tool a customizable Web and social media analytics tool.

Representatives from the university and Lockheed Martin met at the Abu Dhabi Campus of Khalifa University for a signing ceremony on Wednesday in addition to meeting with the involved faculty and students.

The LM Wisdom® tool monitors and analyzes rapidly changing open source data such as newspaper feeds and social media content in near-real time and distinguishes noise from high value information. It captures cultural context trends sentiment and influence providing deeper situational awareness to customers.  The tool is especially beneficial to first responders security and law enforcement agencies.

The agreement will provide Khalifa University with funding over a period of two years during which time faculty and students will use computer engineering and other relevant techniques to perform comprehensive studies and analysis of the Arabic language and dialects. These analyses will help to build a detailed lexicon from which Lockheed Martin can build a Linguistic Feature Filter for LM Wisdom®.

“Big data analytics is one of the most important emerging research areas worldwide. We are very excited that our faculty and students will be engaged in this groundbreaking research jointly with an international industrial leader such as Lockheed Martin ” said Dr. Mohammed Al-Mualla Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Khalifa University. He added “This will no doubt enrich the experience of our faculty and students and will make their research of direct relevance to industry and the society. The research fits very well within the Security priority area of our strategic plan which is closely aligned with the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision.

“We are excited about this partnership not just for the present but for the potential follow-on work we may be able to continue with Khalifa University ” explained Bob Eastman vice president for Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems and Global Solutions. “Our partnership with the university is an investment in not only our future growth but in helping to build local talent pools with the UAE.”