Khalifa University Wishes You All Ramadan Kareem

September 7, 2018

Traditional Islamic architecture incorporates written plant and architectural elements which form complex overlapping and intersecting geometric shapes inspired by nature. This art emerged as a result of the evolution of the Arab civilization and its interactions with other civilizations during the Golden Islamic Age. 

A specific decorative style often described as the “Islamic language of art” was developed in tandem with the Islamic architecture. Mosques palaces and domes were adorned with beautiful geometric or floral shapes that inspire tranquility and relaxation. This Islamic decorative style is known as “Arabesque” in Europe. The Muslim artists were known for their plant-based designs inspired by flowers and leaves. By using the abstract form rather than the natural form they were able to give a sense of continuity survival and immortality rather than one of wilting and impermanence. 

The new Khalifa University campus expansion designers were inspired by the Arab region’s rich artistic history and cultural heritage. This is reflected in the curves and elipses found in the interior design of the campuis expansion which mimics the beauty and purity of the Arabian desert. 

Khalifa University wishes you all Ramadan Kareem.