Khalifa University Researcher Develops Materials That Capture and Convert Carbon Dioxide

September 7, 2018

A Khalifa University researcher has been working with Korean researchers to develop new materials that can capture excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The materials involved do not only successfully capture the CO2 from the atmosphere but they also convert the greenhouse gas into chemicals with added value such as methanol which is used as a simple fuel and in the manufacture of chemicals.

Dr. Kyriaki Polychronopoulou Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Khalifa University said: “The impact of this research is high in this region. The UAE has one of the highest CO2 emissions per capita in the world emitting on average around six times more CO2 than other countries.

“Effectively capturing CO2 must always be accompanied by storage or conversion. The outcomes of this research are certainly promising in terms of moving towards better carbon management in the UAE in the wider Middle East region and in the world.”

The research has been highlighted in leading academic publication SYNFACTS. Studies which are included in SYNFACTS are double-checked and verified by professors from across the world including academics from the University of Leeds Queen’s University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology prior to publication. The study originally appeared in the academic peer-reviewed journal Chemistry of Materials ACS.

Dr. Tod Laursen President of Khalifa University said: “This breakthrough research has propelled Khalifa University to the forefront of this important field and contributes to positioning the UAE as a pioneer of research both in the region and in the world. It is widely accepted that more efficient carbon management is needed in many countries; this research helps to solve this problem and has the potential to be adopted globally. It’s great to see Khalifa University researchers continuing to tackle these global problems.”

The research took place as part of a partnership between Khalifa University and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

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