Khalifa University provides students with an incubator for excellence

September 7, 2018

Students looking forward to a year full of competitions conferences activities and learning.

Khalifa University students and faculty have returned to classes looking forward to an exciting new year of challenges and learning. With an influx of 270 new students and 13 new faculty members to be added to the University’s existing roster of over 160 highly qualified professors and doctors.

Many of the new students are taking advantage of Khalifa University’s new “Direct Entry” Scholarship which is available to UAE nationals who do not have to participate in the University’s Preparatory Program but rather start their freshman year immediately.

The new faculty will be working in a variety of disciplines including Biomedical Engineering Nuclear Engineering International and Civil Security Humanities and Social Sciences Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering Applied Mathematics and Sciences and Industrial and Systems Engineering.

In the coming weeks students will be participating in a special “Club Day” where they can learn about the various extracurricular pursuits that Khalifa University offers as well as special ceremonies recognizing exceptional students for non-academic achievements a ceremony to celebrate the ten winners of the Sheikh Hamdan Award for Distinguished Academic Performance.

These ceremonies are the last ones celebrating last year’s huge achievements wherein students won the top four places at the Higher Education and Scientific Research Smart Applications Award’s; Three best paper wins at the 2014 BCS International Conference; first second and third place wins at Emirates Skills; first and second at the Engineering Students Ethics Competition 2014. Perhaps the biggest achievements of the year were the two teams awarded a million dirhams each as part of the Best m-Government Service Awards for their innovative mobile applications and the accomplishment of the University’s Design/Build/Fly team who placed 7th out of 66 international entries at the AIAA Cessna/Raytheon Missile Systems Student Design/Build/Fly competition held in Wichita Kansas.

Recently six Emirati students and one faculty member received generous awards from the National Research Foundation and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The award of 50 000 AED each will fund their innovative research endeavors.

Many of Khalifa University’s returning students were busy over the summer taking part in internships with major companies like Lockheed Martin Boeing and Dassault Aviation and special field trips.

Two students also had the opportunity to go on an 11-day trip to Japan as part of a field trip to visit the University of Tokyo and top Japanese companies focused on the development of solar and hydrogen energy such as INPEX Mitsubishi and Chiyoda.

Many students helped in outreach programs designed to inspire high school students to pursue careers in science and technology including two Med-Camps and a special STEM Camp.

“We are very proud of our student and faculty achievements last semester and their achievements over the course of the summer ” said Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi Khalifa University’s Executive Vice President. “We’re eager to see what the new academic year brings what awards they will bring home what patents they will be granted what discoveries they will make. Every achievement inspires more and every success is a testament to the excellent education that we offer here at Khalifa University.”

Khalifa University offers its students with an exceptional education in a variety of science technology and engineering disciplines as well as a state of the art campus that boasts several high tech labs food outlets and a student hub. In addition students can benefit from the University’s off campus housing and transportation services.

In addition to its facilities Khalifa University also has an active Alumni Association which added 350 members in April after the University’s graduation ceremony. Alumni are invited to speak and mentor current students as many are industry leaders in the region.