Khalifa University President Tod Laursen Gives Speech at Top Innovation Forum

September 7, 2018

Future engineers will need to be endowed with a range of so-called “soft skills ” including teamwork leadership and creative thinking to solve a tall order of engineering challenges such as creating improved medicines finding new energy sources and discovering new ways of providing clean water.

That was the message that Khalifa University’s president Dr. Tod Laursen gave as he addressed a crowd of human resources training and Emiratization professionals at the TVET Week Leaders Forum 2016 event.

This interdisciplinary working is reinforced by Khalifa University’s approach to learning. The institution places particular emphasis on partnering with industry in order to produce business-ready globally competitive graduates.

The University works towards achieving Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Vision which envisages a move towards a more diverse knowledge-based economy and away from one that is over-reliant on fossil fuels.

The TVET Leaders Forum takes place annually and brings together a group of leading experts within the global TVET sector for the purpose of enhancing awareness fostering understanding and sharing on-going practices in order to foster youth employability.

The 2016 event took place at Etihad Towers on 17 January.