Khalifa University PhD Researchers Explore Complex Materials That Will Benefit the UAE

September 7, 2018

Khalifa University’s PhD researchers Dr. Hassan Jishi and Dr. Yarjan Abdul Samad have been hard at work on their thesis research which involved the creation and use of complex materials the applications of which have the potential to benefit the aerospace and healthcare industries in the UAE and beyond.

Dr. Hassan Jishi researched new materials that are both lighter and stronger than the metal structures currently being used in aircraft design. Focused on “Advanced High-Performance Composite Core Materials for Aerospace Applications” Dr. Jishi’s research looked into interweaving panels made of fiber and resin that can be used to create parts for airplanes or other vehicles in place of metal.

Specifically Dr. Jishi focused on the material’s characteristics and the development of suitable manufacturing methods so that they can begin to be used in future aircraft design. Plane manufacturers can lower costs and increase safety by creating lighter and stronger planes made from a more cost-efficient material.

Dr. Samad’s research would have groundbreaking applications to the healthcare field which could use the devices designed with the material to monitor patient’s cardiovascular health due to high obesity and Type II Diabetes rates. He explored the use of a complex material known as graphene specifically when it is transformed into a foam and its use as a textile such as a shirt or wristband which can monitor a wearer’s heart rate and blood pressure.

His thesis was titled “Three Dimensional Graphene Foam: The Status Quo and the Impending States and Applications”. Graphene is one of the most extraordinary elements in existence right now it’s about 200 times stronger than steel by weight and conducts heat and electricity incredibly efficiently in addition to being nearly transparent.

“The first graduates of any program represent a milestone for the institution and certainly this is the case for Khalifa University ” said Dr. Tod Laursen President of Khalifa University. “When we established our PhD programs it was with the aim of attracting some of the brightest minds in the region and educating the next generation of industry and academic leaders. Our PhD’s will undoubtedly go on to produce groundbreaking research shape young minds and contribute to the technological growth of the nation and the region. We are immensely proud to have achieved this milestone and look forward to the next batch of accomplished doctors we produce.”

“Khalifa University launched its PhD programs in 2009 with the aim of offering bright and talented researchers and professionals in the UAE and the region a high quality innovation focused education and the chance to work with some of the world’s top minds on groundbreaking research ” said Dr. Mohamed Ebrahim Al Mualla Senior Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies. “Our PhD students benefit from the opportunity to receive one on one attention from our faculty and access to high tech equipment and opportunities to attend conferences and workshops with peers and academic leaders around the world. It’s truly a unique program and one we are very proud of.”

Dr. Jishi and Dr. Samad are the first graduates from their respective programs Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. In addition Dr. Jishi has had his research published twice in major journals: Materials & Design and Polymer Composites while Dr. Samad has had over 20 papers on the material published in prestigious journals.

Khalifa University currently operates the Aerospace Research and Innovation Center (ARIC) which in cooperation with Mubadala and Strata seeks to develop new technologies and manufacturing techniques for the Aerospace industry.

Khalifa University currently offers PhD’s in Engineering with options to specialize in Electrical and Computer Mechanical Aerospace Nuclear Biomedical or Robotics Engineering.

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