Emirates Nuclear Technology Center (ENTC)

Khalifa University Hosts Workshop on Training Best Practices for the Nuclear Industry

March 1, 2020

Khalifa University hosted a Workshop on the Best Practices in Nuclear Training and Education Approaches led by Khalifa University Assistant Professor Saeed Al Ameri and Virginia Commonwealth University Assistant Professor Braden Goddard on 17–19 February 2020.

As peaceful nuclear power and technology is developed in the Middle East region, it is important to know the best practices when it comes to human capital development. The event was attended by industry representatives, regulators, and academics from the UAE and Egypt, two of the leading nuclear countries in the region. Participants of the event have taken the material they have gained from the workshop and have started implementing it in their own training and education program to help produce the best nuclear employees.

Ara Cruz
News Writer
1 March 2020