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Khalifa University Hosts 2019 Think Science Competition; Winners to Showcase Projects at National-Level Final Stage in April 2019

February 25, 2019

Participants Showcase Prototypes and Scientific Concepts across Various Think Science Competition Categories

A large number of school students from grades 9-12 as well as university students from undergraduate and diploma levels showcased their prototypes and scientific concepts at the 2019 Think Science Competition that was hosted at Khalifa University today. Winners in various categories were declared at the competition that aims to engage more talented youth from across the UAE for innovative ideas in different applied sciences and technology disciplines.

The winners from each Emirate now qualify to showcase their projects at the Think Science National Competition 2019 Awarding Ceremony, which will be held in April 2019.

Participants displayed their innovative skills in all the categories including robots and artificial intelligence, applied chemistry, applied physics, industrial and mechanical systems, smart systems, safety systems, transportation and road safety systems, systems for the benefit of the determined ones, energy, environmental sciences, health and biomedical systems, material sciences, as well as aviation, aerodynamics, and vehicles designs.

Dr Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, said: “We are honored to host the 2019 Think Science Competition, enabling the youth to test their creative skills in science and technology. The range of projects showcased here by these students illustrate the impact of scientific knowledge and their enthusiasm to obtain practical solutions. We believe such challenges help nurture budding talents, paving the way for their appetite for innovations to multiply even more when they enter their professional lives.”

The 2019 Think Science Competition was part of Khalifa University’s calendar of events and activities organized as part of the 2019 UAE Innovation Month to inspire, educate, and engage the community on innovations in science, technology, arts, and engineering.

The globally top-ranked university earlier this month hosted the 2019 UAE Hackathon themed ‘Data for Happiness and Well-being’ that was organized by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). As an academic partner to Mubtakir and Abu Dhabi Science Festival (ADSF)

2019, Khalifa University presented three innovative engineering students projects – Farming Robot, Search and Rescue (SAR) Drone Project and Pollination DRONE (PD-Drone) at the Mubtakir 2019.

The university also provided around 100 volunteers to work as science communicators during ADSF 2019. Moreover, Ankabut organized its 15th Annual Users Meeting, gathering nearly 300 stakeholders to discuss the role of technology in education.

With research and innovation remaining the core strategic areas, Khalifa University continues to excel in the development of human and intellectual capital while entering into advanced technology collaborations with industry leaders. The university has so far attracted over US$80 million in industry and government sponsored research contracts with more than 50 organizations based in the UAE and worldwide. At the same time, its 16 dedicated research centers have so far facilitated over 70 patents, more than 350 invention disclosures and published over 5,000 articles in top journals.

Clarence Michael
News Writer
24 February 2019