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Khalifa University Hosts 10th KU-KAIST Joint Research Symposium

December 26, 2019

The 10th KU-KAIST Joint Research Symposium was held from 18-19 December 2019 at the Khalifa University Main Campus.

The event is the largest symposium to date between Khalifa University (KU) of the UAE and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) of South Korea. Around 50 delegates from KAIST, including faculty members, research staff, and students, came to the UAE to share and discuss research achievements. The KAIST delegation was led by Dr. Hyunwook Park, VP for Research, Dr. Changheui Jang, Associate VP and Dean of KAI-NEET
Institute, Dr. Jonghyun Kim, Director of KAIST-KU Joint Research Center, and Dr. Sungmin Choi, Chair of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering.

During the symposium, joint presentations were given by KU and KAIST Principal Investigators (PIs) on the 24 ongoing collaboration projects in areas such as Smart Transportation, Smart Health Care, Nuclear Materials, Robotics/Drones, Energy, Chemistry, etc.

The event was offered an important opportunity to discuss the projects, maximize synergetic effects, strengthen the KU-KAIST partnership, and plan strategies moving forward.

Since 2011, KU and KAIST have carried out over 200 joint research projects in various fields. This partnership has reached a milestone in 2019 as Joint Research Centers were launched in the UAE in April 2019 and in Korea in July 2019, further strengthening the ties between the two countries to carry out joint research on technologies that are shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The next symposium scheduled in 2020 will be hosted by KAIST in South Korea.

Ara Cruz
News Writer
26 December 2019