Khalifa University Holds Health and Wellness Event for Students, Faculty and Staff

September 7, 2018

Khalifa University held a special two-day health and wellness event for its students faculty and staff on Tuesday November 1 and Wednesday November 2 which was designed to raise awareness among the University community about the importance of physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Health and Wellness Day is an annual event at Khalifa University featuring an exhibition of doctors nurses and specialists from leading local hospitals fitness centers and diet centers who conducted blood sugar tests blood pressure checks BMI and body composition tests and gave diet fitness and nutritional advice.

This year the event also focused on mental health hosting two lectures on stress management by psychiatrists.

“Khalifa University strongly believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encouraging that in our community ” said Ebrahim Jafar Alahmed Acting Vice President of Communications & Business Development for Khalifa University. “As a center for research into lifestyle diseases such as Type II Diabetes cardiovascular issues and obesity we realize that we have to lead by example and providing our students faculty and staff with access to medical testing and diet and fitness advice is one way to do this. Health and Wellness Day also provides our Biomedical Engineering students a chance to engage with local doctors and nurses and assist with testing and diagnostic tests. Which is helpful to their future careers.”

The Health and Wellness Days follow the announcement that Khalifa University’s new campus will feature one of the largest fitness facilities in the UAE in an academic institution. Housed over four stories the gym will consist of separate two-level men and women’s facilities featuring state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight lifting equipment as well as studios for Yoga and others for martial arts such as Boxing and Taekwondo. There will also be multi-use courts for basketball squash volleyball and badminton.

The facilities will be manned by experienced personal trainers and fitness professionals who will guide students faculty staff and alumni in proper technique in addition to organizing various group classes.

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