Khalifa University Holds First Research Workshop on Biomedical Engineering and Bio-robotics

September 7, 2018

The first day of a special research workshop focusing on Biomedical Engineering and Bio-robotics started today at Khalifa University. The workshop has been organized by a team of academics from Khalifa University The Imperial College of London Queen Mary University of London and the University of Dundee in cooperation with the British Council.

The workshop brings together young researchers from various educational institutions in the United Arab Emirates to discuss advancements in four topical areas. The aim of the workshop is to initiate dialogue and lay the foundations to create new high-level medical technology and knowledge-based companies in Abu Dhabi capitalize on the availability of highly educated graduates from Khalifa University and other Higher Education Institutions in the Emirate.

The workshop is attended by researchers currently in the early stages of their careers who will have the opportunity to engage collaborate and share learnings with a similar group of early career experts from leading universities in the UK.

The workshop will also include inputs from leading researchers and clinical end users from the UAE such as Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

“This workshop will focus on an area that promises a great deal of possibility in terms of industry and business to the UAE ” said Dr. Tim McGloughlin Co-Chair of the Workshop and Chair of Khalifa University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering. “If you look at Ireland biomedical engineering and the creation of bio-robotics and medical technology has grown to be a billion-dollar export industry. Which is remarkable for a country with a population of under 5 million similar to the UAE. Establishing similar industry and start-ups in the UAE could well have the same result. Which is why workshops like these are so important.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for young researchers to get together and share their knowledge in a very important field that greatly impacts many people and the health industry as a whole ” said Dr. Tod Laursen Khalifa University’s President. “Khalifa University is very proud to not only host this event but play a part in its organization as well. Ultimately we look forward to seeing the collaborations and innovations that stem from this event and how they will impact future technologies and exploration.”

Gavin Anderson Country Director UAE British Council said: “Fostering collaboration between scientists and giving them the tools they need to further their research is key particularly here in the UAE where the government has great ambitions to lay the foundations for a sustainable knowledge based economy. Our work with Khalifa University is already contributing to these ambitions and in the long run we hope that it will lead to lasting scientific partnerships between UK and UAE institutions.”

Clare Grundy Gulf Science lead for the British Council said: “We’re delighted to be able to contribute to growing the scientific landscape here in the UAE and to connect researchers here with researchers in the UK. Enabling good scientific research to happen is key to creating a sustainable knowledge based economy here in the UAE and it’s fantastic to be working together with people who are as passionate about this as we are.”

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