Khalifa University Displays Student Projects and Robotics Technologies during Innovation Week

September 7, 2018

Khalifa University held on Thursday November 24th 2016 an exhibition of students’ projects and an open house at its Khalifa University Robotics Institute (KURI) as part of the Innovation Week activities. These events followed a full week of open houses speakers and ceremonies to demonstrate the cutting-edge research and development happening at the University.

The student projects on display covered a range of fields including aerospace biomedical mechanical and computer engineering and included research on a balance system for use in wind tunnels new way of administering insulin to Diabetes patients orally a radiation detection and tracking system wireless communications devices for safe driving and home surveillance and even new ideas for online shopping carts and marketplaces.

In addition the University also held an open house for its Robotics Institute showcasing the latest in unmanned aerial ground and aquatic vehicles. KURI which is also heavily involved in organizing the upcoming Mohammed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) taking place in 2017 is currently working on robotics technologies that will monitor aircraft for damage conduct search and rescue operations in hazardous areas and even spray environmentally friendly saline solutions capable of dissipating heavy fog to ensure road safety for its users.

“Khalifa University prides itself in being a hub of innovation for the UAE and the region ” said Dr. Arif Al Hammadi Executive Vice President of Khalifa University. “And we appreciate the opportunity to celebrate and demonstrate the capabilities of our research centers students and faculty. As the top university in the UAE we believe that it is our duty to spearhead research into the technological advancements needed to drive the future economy of the UAE one that is dependent not on fossil fuels but on safe clean reliable ones. Innovation Week gives us the opportunity to show the community what we are doing and how we are achieving our goals.”

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