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How this Canadian expat in UAE became a ‘Dreamer’ at Expo 2020 Dubai

February 4, 2022

A Palestinian-Canadian professor living in Dubai is among the privileged expats to be featured as a “Dreamer” at the UAE Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.


Dr Shadi Wajih Hasan, associate professor of chemical engineering and a deputy director at the Centre for Membranes and Advanced Water Technology (CMAT) at Khalifa University, said it is an honour for him to be part of the project.

Dr Hasan said his scientific background in the fields of membrane technology and nanomaterials allowed him and his team to come up with a sustainable facemask called ‘NAVAMASK’.


“The NAVAMASK is a UAE certified invention/product. It is a new generation, sustainable and environmentally-friendly face mask made with a bio-based polymer [poly lactic acid, PLA] that can be composted and integrated back into our ecosystem. The concept of electrospinning technology was used to produce bio-based polymeric nanofibers coated with antimicrobial medicinal plants. The NAVAMASK is designed to protect us from both the spread of viruses and the negative environmental impacts of commercially available plastic-based facemasks,” he added.


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