Global Hybrid Electric Car Challenge Launches in Abu Dhabi

September 7, 2018

Khalifa University and the Global Education Energy Environment (Global EEE) in cooperation with Launchpad launched the Global Hybrid Electric Car Challenge today at the Al Forsan International Resort in Abu Dhabi today with car inspections and qualifying runs for the seventeen competing teams.

Student teams from universities in the UAE Egypt Kuwait and Qatar will race each other in this unique challenge which is open to both engineering and business students in two Grand Prix races. The first Grand Prix scheduled to take place on April 8th will require teams to complete a course entirely powered by electricity. The second Grand Prix which takes place on April 9th will allow teams to supplement their batteries with some petrol in order to complete the course.

This challenging event will require teams to make tough decisions regarding the design and efficiency of their vehicles. For example during the second race teams may opt to carry generators in their vehicles and supplement the battery energy while moving or retain the generators at their pit stops and only charge when they pull over. Both choices have distinct advantages and disadvantages and each decision will impact performance.

To build their cars each team was provided with a basic kit comprised of all of the necessary components including the chassis outer shell canopy motor controller and batteries. However a significant amount of engineering ingenuity is required to determine the best way to integrate these components in order to achieve the highest reliability and efficiency possible. The goal is to encourage these engineering students to innovate and experiment with different technologies.

“On behalf of Global EEE our officials technical inspectors judges and volunteers it is my pleasure to join Launchpad and Khalifa University to welcome all the participants and guests to this competition in Abu Dhabi ” commented Mr. William Elliott III the Race Technical Director. “This event is a clear reflection of the vision and commitment of the government of the UAE to promote education energy efficiency and environmental consciousness. Equally the dedication of the students and faculty members from the participating MENA institutions of higher education provides optimism about the future of the region and the next generation of leaders.”

“Khalifa University is pleased to be a part of this exciting event ” said Dr. Mohammed Al Mualla Senior Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. “As a hub for research and innovation in the region we are keenly interested in working with international agencies in order to bring interesting and engaging competitions to the Middle East especially if those competitions encourage innovation in vital areas such as building sustainable vehicles. Khalifa University strongly believes in encouraging its students to participate in events like this because of the opportunity for innovation they offer. In addition the chance to meet with peers from around the region is a priceless opportunity as is the prospect of learning from them by witnessing their inventions and designs.”

“As a platform dedicated to sustainable economic and human capital development Launchpad is committed to raising awareness to promote science and technology in the UAE ” commented Dr. Fahad Almaskari Event Director for the GHEC Challenge in Abu Dhabi. “Supporting students to develop solutions for the next generation of electric cars is an exciting opportunity to not only build innovation capacity across the Middle East but also to invest in a sustainable future for our youth.”

Following the two Grand Prix races students will receive awards granted by a panel of distinguished judges and experts for Fastest Qualifying Time Technical Innovation Best Presentation Sportsmanship Team Safety WiSE (Women in Science & Engineering) Female Engineer Vehicle Graphics Design Vehicle Workmanship Best Photo and Best Video in addition to prizes for the top three finishing places and the overall challenge winner.

Attendees can expect to see activity all weekend as students diligently build and improve their cars leading up to the final Grand Prix event. For more information on the teams and agenda visit http://uae.globalhechallenge.org

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