Dust Profilers

May 11, 2020

Dust profilers provide continuous measurements of atmospheric particulate with an aerodynamic diameter of 10 micrometers (PM10), less then less than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5), less than 1 micrometer (PM1, ultrafine particles), and total suspended particles (TSP). These measurements can be used in different applications including air quality studies, radiative transfer modeling and solar resources assessment.

Three Dust Profilers with the following specifications operate at different locations within the perimeter of Masdar City:

  • Counts Range 0-100000 counts/L : PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and
  • 8-Channel Optical Particle Counter (OPC)
  • TSP inlet and heated sampling tube
  • Reference filter 25mm GFA circular
  • BLDC pump sampling module
  • Weatherproof lockable GRP enclosure IP65
  • Solar shield armor and mounting brackets
  • 100-250V AC power supply and 12V DC input
  • Control Module with 4-line alphanumeric display, data logger and 2GB SD card
  • Outputs for alarm relay and RS-232 (38400 Baud)
  • Data logging and alarm configuration software