Catalysts/Adsorbents/Membranes Evaluation/Activity

Evaluation of a catalyst/adsorbent or catalytic membrane is of pivotal importance in the catalysis and separation cycle.

Some of the units under this category are:

  • Sulfur-containing species adsorption unit: custom made breakthrough apparatus for monitoring the capacity of an adsorbent towards an adsorbate.
  • Computerized Chemical reactions operating up to high pressure (100 bar) (PID, Micromeritics Effi) (2 units): Fully automated solid-gas catalytic reactors with the capacity of in situ characterization studied (TPO, TPD, TPR). The exhaust stream is recorded through Mass Spectrometry and/or GC/MS.
  • Membrane separation setups: Single gas and mixture permeability units with GC integrated (SRI Instruments, USA) for evaluation of separation performance of membranes. Polymeric, mixed matrix membranes, and inorganic membranes can be evaluated of various configurations (flat, hollow fibers) and sizes.