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Dr. Linda Zou Chosen to be the Deputy of the MBRAS Women in Science Committee

October 13, 2021

Khalifa University’s Dr. Linda Zou, Professor of Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering, was selected by the Emirates Scientists Council to be the Deputy of the Women in Science Committee of the Mohammed bin Rashid Academy of Scientists (MBRAS). Dr. Zou will be working with committee lead Dr. Saeeda Al Marzouqi and the other committee members to represent women in the science community. 


The committee aims to advocate the attraction, promotion, and retention of women in STEM fields. It will support and encourage women faculty and researchers to engage and thrive in their chosen careers, specifically in STEM, where women are still relatively minorities. 


“Women scientists have overcome many difficulties to be in current positions and made great contributions to the university and science. Our aim is to promote sustainable engagement and growth, to be recognized and have the same opportunity without facing disadvantages,” Dr. Zou said. 


Dr. Zou is regarded as an expert in water technologies and cloud seeding materials and is well-known for her ground-breaking research using nanotechnology to develop cloud seeding materials. 


Ara Maj Cruz
Creative Writer
13 October 2021