Classes start for first students at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology

September 21, 2018

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, the world’s first graduate academic institution dedicated to the research of alternative energy, environmental technologies and sustainability, has commenced with classes for the inaugural intake of graduate students.

Lectures began today for the 92 pioneering students who were selected from more than 1,200 applicants from 82 countries worldwide. The new students, who hail from as far afield as Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and the Middle East, representing 22 different nations, are part of Masdar Institute’s two-year Master’s program, which offers five multidisciplinary specialized areas geared towards the research and development of alternative energy and sustainability. The UAE has contributed the highest number of students, with 13% of the total, and almost 30% of the student body is women.

Masdar Institute was established as part of the Government of Abu Dhabi’s vision and commitment to a long-term, sustainable knowledge economy. The non-profit, private research-driven Institute has been developed in cooperation with one of the world’s most respected universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Masdar Institute, which will be the centerpiece of the multifaceted Masdar Initiative, launched by Mubadala Development Company, will feed Abu Dhabi and the region with highly talented individuals and research expertise, thereby enhancing economic development and diversification through human capital and technological innovation.

Dr. John Perkins, Provost of Masdar Institute, said:“Masdar Institute aims to become a world-class university and research institution that will create and shape a new generation of leaders and critical thinkers in science and technology. We are tasked with responding to one of the most important challenges facing our planet – the need to develop sustainable energy solutions that ensure economic growth and prosperity for all nations, without damaging the environment.”

Dr. Perkins added that today was a proud occasion, signifying an important milestone for Masdar Institute:“I am delighted with the quality and pedigree of the young minds gathered at Masdar Institute. Students and faculty alike are embarking on an exciting yet vital journey for Abu Dhabi, the Middle East and the entire world. By working together and employing collaborative research to progress technology, I am confident that seemingly insurmountable obstacles to tackling climate change while preserving economic growth can be overcome.”