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Book on Robotics and Security Marks Khalifa University Faculty’s Third Book in a Single Year

January 2, 2021

Dr. Ash Rossiter, Assistant Professor in the Institute of International and Civil Security (IICS) and the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, has published a third book in 2020, titled Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and International Security.  


Published by Routledge and featuring contributions from leading security studies scholars from across the globe, the edited volume looks at technological impact of advances in robotics and autonomous systems across a range of contemporary security issues and settings.


Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and International Security marks Dr. Rossiter’s third book for 2020. It follows his single-authored monograph Security in the Gulf: Local Militaries before British Withdrawal, published by Cambridge University Press, and Conflict and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, a co-edited volume published by Routledge and written with KU and IICS colleague Dr. Brendon J. Cannon.


The publication of three books in a single year is a rare feat, which, according to Dr. Rossiter, was “only made possible by the research and publication culture fostered by the KU leadership and the seemingly inexhaustible encouragement within the College of Arts and Sciences.”


Alongside authoring or editing these books, Ash has published over a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters. “Rightly, publishing high-quality articles in top journals has been – and remains – my core research output aim,” says Dr. Rossiter. “However,” he adds, “books are often signature publications in the social sciences and are highly valued.”


With the publication of these three books, Dr. Rossiter’s attention now turns to his two new book projects under contract: one on intelligence history with Georgetown University Press, and co-authored with KU and IICS’s Dr. Athol Yates, the other titled Warfare in the Robotics Age with the highly regarded American independent press Lynne Rienner.


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2 January 2021