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UAE High School Students Attend KU & ADNOC’s Ro’ya Winter Program 2021

February 23, 2022

The two-year Ro’ya program is organized by Khalifa University and ADNOC for high school students in the UAE. It aims to raise students’ awareness of petroleum engineering-related degrees and potential careers in the energy sector.


During the Winter session, which was held from 12-16 December 2021, participating students prepared for the math section of EmSAT test (a national system of standardized computer-based tests) using an innovative learning program called ALEKS; they were trained on how to make a responsive website in Dreamweaver using both HTML and CSS languages; and they took a leadership course where they learned how to create a lasting change in themselves and others.


They also received detailed information on how to apply to Khalifa University, and attended a workshop on robotics in the oil and gas industry.


Following are several testimonials from Ro’ya Program participants, who expressed great satisfaction and enjoyment from the program.


Noof Yousef

My experience with the Ro’ya Winter program was great Everyone was supportive and helpful throughout the whole program. They taught us how to be strict with ourselves to achieve our goals, how to stay consistent and stick to good habits by replacing the bad ones, how to study effectively, and pretty much everything that you need to know before you go to a university and how to choose the major that’s right for us.




Haya Hussain Falaknaz

From the enrichment sessions to the interactions with the speaker, the program was really interesting. Not only was it beneficial, it was really engaging as well. I loved that they added the ALEKS platform for us.


Eiman Ali Husain Ali Alhosani

Overall, my experience with Ro’ya program was wonderful. Every session was informative, useful and meaningful. Classes were interactive, engaging and dynamic with energized professors and doctors. I learned many skills, getting to know myself more and the fields of my interest. Moreover, it was awesome hearing from my colleagues about their experiences in different aspects. The program’s team and managers always listened to our queries and concerns, and were fair and consistent when dealing with any student discipline issue. It facilitated our learning experience and made it comfortable. I also liked how the sessions were scheduled so it fit every student. This program helps prepare the Emirati youth to attain prominent leadership skills in the future strategic sectors. I was also happy to try new math problems that will benefit me when I take the EmSATs. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for giving us this amazing opportunity!


Mariam Ali Daiban

I enjoyed the Ro’ya Winter Program, where I learned a lot about coding, algebra, robotics, and many other interesting things. Overall, the program was well-prepared and arranged, and the information was quite valuable, with the intention of assisting us in our daily lives. I strongly encourage individuals to participate in this program since it will aid them in making future decisions as well as provide them with a valuable experience.





Wejdan AlMarri

It was a very nice experience overall and I am lucky to be one of the Ro’ya program participants and a part of the family.


Dhabia Nasser Darwish Alfalasi

Overall it was such an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend this program to my friends. I learned a lot from this program and gained many skills. The professors were very helpful as well and they helped us to complete the Ro’ya project that we were asked to do.


AlMaha Jamal AlBaqmi

The Ro’ya winter program was excellent. The best part was the preparation for the EmSAT math test.


Razan Yazeed          

The program was great. I learned a lot of things in many aspects, including coding, which we applied to our project assignment; EmSAT preparation using ALEKS, which I really liked because it focuses on our weaknesses; leadership skills; choosing a major; interview skills and essay writing tips; how to apply to Khalifa University and admission requirements in general; and lastly, we were updated about the usage of robotics in the oil and gas industry.


Maitha Mohammed Alhosani

The Ro’ya program improved our skills and abilities, and I gained a lot of knowledge through this program. We were able to discover the petroleum engineering sector and how it works in the field and what kind of courses we need to take in order to become a petroleum engineer. During the summer Ro’ya program, we got a chance to see ADNOC offices, which were really beautiful and I was thrilled to see how it is organized and uses modern technologies. During the winter program, I had the chance to practice for my EmSAT using ALEKS with having Mr. Ameur mentoring us. In addition to that, Dr. Jebbouri taught us a lot of html coding techniques that will definitely help us with our final project. We installed the software “Dreamweaver” and were able to try and work with our mentor. We were also able to gain leadership skills which Mrs. Khluood. It was really beneficial to all of us as we were truly engaged and excited for the activities that were provided to us. Finally, I would like to thank Mrs. Hafsa Al Mansouri for organizing our program. She helped and taught us new thing in this wonderful program.


Reem Bader Almaskari

I enjoyed my time with the Ro’ya Winter Program, where I learned how to work on Dreamweaver using HTML and CSS codes. We were also given a great opportunity to prepare for the EmSAT, revise some math, and do the mock maths exam. In addition, we conducted an online class on leading and creating a lasting change in ourselves and others. What I enjoyed the most in this program was on the last day they gave a lecture referring to university preparations which I found very helpful.


Erica Solomon
Senior Publication Specialist
23 February 2022