UAE Energy Minister Commends YFEL Members for Projecting Country’s Capabilities to Global Energy Leaders in Daegu

September 21, 2018

Members of Masdar Institute’s YFEL Program Visit Environmental, Technology, Cultural and Historical Sites in South Korea

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 21 October, 2013 – His Excellency Suhail Al Mazrouei, UAE Minister of Energy, commended members of the Young Future Energy Leaders (YFEL) program for projecting the UAE’s capabilities to the global energy industry leaders in Daegu in South Korea.

A team of 11 members of the Young Future Energy Leaders (YFEL) program, an outreach initiative of Masdar Institute of Science of Technology, were participating in the 22nd World Energy Congress that was held from 13 – 17 October 2013 in Daegu. His Excellency Suhail Al Mazrouei met the YFEL members during his visit to the UAE pavilion that had booths set up by Mubadala Development Company and Masdar.

During the World Energy Congress in Daegu, YFEL members also visited various places of environmental, technology, cultural and historical interests in South Korea.

The YFEL members visited some of the landmark destinations including the 9.5-meter tall and 580-meter long cruise ship-shaped Dalseong Weir, the research-oriented university Daegu-Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), the Daegu National Industrial Park project that is coming up in 8.5-million square meter area, and the historic Dodong Seowon Confucian Academy.

Similar to Masdar Institute, the DGIST aims to foster high-quality manpower in science and technology while promoting cutting-edge scientific research and studies supported by the government. The YFEL members learnt about Dalseong Weir’s environment-friendly features including the special paths created for the dyke and the eco-district and how DGIST is leading innovation in new science in South Korea.

The YFEL members’ visits were part of their annual activities that include gaining exposure to researchers at renowned institutions that drive innovation. The visits also offered YFEL members an opportunity to share their ideas in advanced energy and sustainability with their peers as well as with industry, government and academic leaders.

Part of the Masdar Institute’s Outreach program, YFEL offers young professionals and students from the UAE and abroad an opportunity to become more engaged in finding solutions to the world’s biggest challenges – achieving energy efficiency and tackling climate change. It also aims to bring young professionals closer to government representatives, business leaders and other organizations active in the area of alternative energy and sustainability.