Center for Catalysis and Separation (CeCaS)

The Center for Catalysis and Separation (CeCaS) recently hosted its 3rd International Workshop on “Catalysis and Separation Towards Sustainability and Net Zero Carbon Emissions (ZeroC)”

March 9, 2023

The scope of this event was to bring together scientists, engineers, and industrial partners across the globe to discuss the current advances, local and global challenges, and sustainable solutions in the fields of catalysis and separation towards achieving net zero carbon emissions and sustainability.


This particular workshop focused on:

  • Greener catalytic and separation processes/ technologies
  • Green and sustainable materials development
  • Net zero-carbon emissions 
  • Circular economy
  • Life-cycle analysis


The invited speakers from the Abu Dhabi Ports Academy (Dr. Yaser AlWahedi), BASF Middle East (Mrs. Elena Petriaeva and Mr. Manish Mehta), and ADNOC (Mrs. Hanin Radman) exchanged their knowledge with the CeCaS researchers on how the technology nowadays addresses the CO2 emissions from different aspects and what types of fuels are most promising for the aviation and shipping industry. The key role of catalysis in the roadmap to sustainability and alternative fuels was pointed out and the involvement of researchers in addressing critical parts of the energy puzzle was discussed.


A technical poster session was administered during the event, where the graduate students and research staff of CeCaS presented and discussed their work with the attendees from academia and industry. Certificate awards were handed to the best three poster presenters.