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September 25, 2020

Khalifa University’s First-Ever Virtual Club Fair Kicks Off with New Webpage Viewed by over 1,000 Interested KU Community Members 


Despite the mandate for social distancing across the country, Khalifa University students can still join one of the University’s student clubs and professional chapters, and by doing so, gain more opportunities for meaningful personal and professional growth.


The Student Life Department has made it easy for students to engage with and join one of KU’s 13 student clubs and five professional chapters by launching the KU Virtual Club Fair webpage. 


The new online platform allowed the clubs and professional chapters to showcase their goals, initiatives and activities, while giving students and prospective members the chance to join the clubs remotely. Three new Clubs that were established earlier this year also participated, including Cooking Club, Physics Club and Volunteering Club.  


Since the launch of the webpage, over 1,000 prospective new members have visited the page to explore the wide variety of opportunities offered by the Clubs and Chapters. Interested students can still visit the Clubs and Chapters webpage on the KU Portal to learn more and register. 


In addition to the webpage, Student Life hosted a live Q&A session with members from ten KU student clubs and five professional chapters on Wednesday, 23 September. Over 250 students attended and learned in-depth about the different clubs’ and chapters’ extracurricular activities and goals, and how they can engage with the clubs throughout the year.


When Abdulrahman Zahmak, Electrical Engineering major and IEEE Chapter member was asked about his experience during the Q&A sessions, he said: “It was smooth and very interactive, and successfully delivered the essence and the objective of the club to the students.”  

The IEEE Student Chapter aims to promote the development of Publications, seminars, and other activities relevant to engineering disciplines.

Another student, Ahmed Almessabi, Chemical Engineering major and Volunteering Club member commented: ”It was an amazing experience answering questions about the club, and it showed that a large number of students are interested in the club.”


Recognizing the important role that co-curricular and extra-curricular activities play in developing the “whole student,” KU’s Student Life Department strives to offer KU students meaningful opportunities to grow personally and professionally. 

The Jjang Club was formed in 2015 to introduce and teach Korean culture, heritage, and language to the KU community.

On the personal side, extracurricular activities can provide students with the camaraderie they need to feel a sense of belonging to their university community. On the professional side, such involvement pushes students to develop the real-life skills and experiences that will be useful in their future careers.

The Intellectual and Electronic Sport Club (KUIESC) focuses on competitive games and the experience of playing with other members.

For more information about the student clubs and professional chapters offered at KU, visit the Virtual Club Fair webpage on the KU Portal here.


Erica Solomon
Publication Senior Specialist
25 September 2020