AI Institute

Robotics Research Shared at International Conference

December 10, 2019

Dr. Jorge Dias, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, shared KU’s advanced robotics research at the International Symposium on Cross-modal Learning in Humans and Robots, on 28 November at the University of Hamburg in Germany.

His presentation, titled ‘Visual Multi-Spectral Semantic Analysis and Prediction’ provided insight into some of the recent robotics work being carried out at Khalifa University’s Center on Autonomous Robotic Systems, specifically in the area of surveillance of urban environments using low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with a diversity of imaging sensors, including standard cameras, infrared cameras, and more.

During his presentation, Dr. Dias also highlighted how KU is exploring the two types of data interpretation paradigms used for programming robot vision and understanding — semantic imaging and semantic reconstruction. He emphasized how the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) provides an important platform for testing UAVs programmed with these semantic analysis paradigms in real-life situations.

Erica Solomon
Senior Editor
8 December 2019