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Roadmap to Decarbonizing Industrial Sector Outlined by Academic Experts

December 2, 2023

Researchers Including Dr. Steve Griffiths Propose 25% Decrease in Global Industrial Emissions by 2030


Carbon-intensive industrial sectors such as steel, cement, and chemicals contribute to over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and therefore it is imperative that the global industrial sector moves towards rapid decarbonization. according to an article published in The Conversation, an online network of not-for-profit media outlets that publishes trustworthy and informative articles written by academic experts for the general public.


The article titled ‘The path to net-zero emissions runs through industry’ is authored by Dr. Steve Griffiths, Khalifa University’s Senior Vice-President, Research and Development, and Professor of Practice, along with authors Morgan Bazilian, Professor, Public Policy and Director, Payne Institute, Colorado School of Mines, and Benjamin K. Sovacool, Professor, Energy Policy, University of Sussex.


The authors note that global industrial emissions must decrease by 25% by 2030 to be on track for net-zero emissions by 2050, a target embraced by major economies worldwide. This requires an annual decline of 3%, which necessitates substantial financial investments, technology advancements, and political commitment. The publication of this article comes at a critical time, as government leaders and climate negotiators gather in Dubai for COP28 UAE, which aims to address the pressing issue of decarbonizing the global industrial sector.


Promising technologies and innovations, according to the authors, can drive decarbonization in the industry. These include green hydrogen fuel made from clean electricity and water, energy efficiency measures across supply chains, and carbon capture, use and storage.


The article is based on the author’s journal paper titled ‘Six bold steps towards net-zero industry’, which was published in the Energy Research & Social Science, one of the leading global journals in the energy field. The article explores the challenges and solutions for cutting industrial emissions in fast-growing countries lays out a plan of action.


In their journal paper, the authors, along with Dr. Jinsoo Kim, Department of Earth Resources and Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University, Republic of Korea, propose six bold steps for accelerating progress towards net-zero industrial carbon emissions. These steps include ‘scaling up finance’, ‘more technology transfer,’ ‘improved job training’ ‘ensuring a just transition’ and ‘establishing a global treaty’.


They emphasize that these actions should be pursued simultaneously and in an integrated manner, with consideration for the unique context of developing and fast-growing countries, particularly those in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Alisha Roy
Science Writer
2 December 2023