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Over 250 Teachers from Region Attend College Board’s Inaugural AP Summer Institute at Khalifa University

September 9, 2019

AP Facilitators Lead Informative Special Sessions for Advancing Education in Mideast

More than 250 teachers and university staff from over 70 educational institutions participated in the Mideast region’s first Advanced Placement Program® (AP) Summer Institute for secondary teachers, organized the College Board at the Khalifa University of Science and Technology Main Campus from 25-29 August.

The series of specially designed summer workshops included a two-day AP Administrators and Coordinators’ session, four-day workshops in various AP academic subjects, and a five-day AP Seminar workshop. AP consultants, who are endorsed by the College Board, offered tips on how teachers can assist students during their transition from secondary school to university. Participants gained deeper insight into planning and teaching AP courses, as well as assessing student progress and engaging as members of the AP community.

AP facilitators hosted teacher development sessions on Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English Language and Literature, Physics C (electricity, magnetism, and mechanics); and examined the pedagogical approach of AP Seminar, one of the newest AP courses. The AP Coordinator training, which covered administration of AP for schools, was also part of the program. College Board-trained Advanced Science Program (ASP) teachers from the UAE Ministry of Education attended some of the sessions.

“Interest in the Advanced Placement courses and exams is growing rapidly in the U.A.E and the Gulf region. This inaugural summer institute will help ensure even more classrooms in the Emirates and Middle East have trained AP teachers, who will in turn ensure more students are exposed to advanced coursework and leave secondary school university-ready,” said Paul Sanders, Executive Director, International, the College Board. “The core of AP is delivering university-level coursework in secondary school, and we were pleased to host these workshops at a world-renowned research institution like Khalifa University.”

Kicking off the workshops, Dr. Ahmed Al Shoaibi, Senior Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Khalifa University, highlighted the importance of STEM education in the classroom – citing that over the next decade, 75% of all jobs will require STEM skills – and the need to adapt to a rapidly evolving academic landscape. Dr Al Shoaibi also emphasized Khalifa University’s commitment to creating new research and academic offerings in STEM fields and areas of strategic relevance to the UAE, such as artificial intelligence.

For each AP course, facilitators work with teachers to understand the skills and content needed to succeed in rigorous academic coursework. Additionally, facilitators are introducing teachers to the College Board’s new suite of AP classroom supports launched earlier at

AP workshop and institute facilitators are trained and endorsed by the College Board to deliver high-quality learning experiences to AP teachers and coordinators all over the world. All AP facilitators also read AP examinations each year in June.

AP is an internationally recognized curricular program with 38 university-level courses, delivered in schools globally. Each course culminates in a rigorous, standardized exam that used for admissions by universities in the Gulf and worldwide.

Clarence Michael
News Writer
09 September 2019

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