MSc in Microsystems Graduates to Drive Abu Dhabi’s Semiconductor Innovation

September 21, 2018

The event provided potential students with direct information and access to those responsible for leading the research-centric Master’s in Microsystems, an entirely new degree program announced in February 2010 by Masdar Institute and ATIC, developed in collaboration with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This new program has been offered with a view towards establishing Abu Dhabi as a hub for advanced technologies.

With 20 fully funded places available and the new academic program due to commence at start of the academic year in the fall (2010) at Masdar Institute, the timely information session introduced some of the UAE’s top engineering talent to the unparalleled opportunities within one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of technology, the semiconductor industry.

During the day, attendees met to discuss their long-term career options and the various avenues in which they could contribute towards the long-term strategic development of Abu Dhabi in the field of microsystems.

Speaking on behalf of Masdar Institute, Dr. Marwan Khraisheh, Dean of Engineering, said;

“For those UAE students who are considering joining the new program the opportunities are enormous. Abu Dhabi is focused and committed on becoming a leader in the semiconductor industry. The MSc Microsystems program is a vital stepping stone for anyone wanting to make a valuable contribution as a future leader within a knowledge-led economy in Abu Dhabi as a well as an emerging global industry of critical importance.”

“Masdar Institute is dedicated to providing high quality faculty, students and facilities, and communicating the platform through innovative outreach events such as this one today. The reaction from students today has been very encouraging. It’s important those interested in the program get all the facts they need and can ask direct questions so they are made fully aware of the world of opportunities that now exist in the UAE.” 

Commenting on the importance of the MSc program, Mr. Ibrahim Ajami, CEO of ATIC said: “Human capital development is at the core of establishing Abu Dhabi as a leading center for semiconductor technology and innovation. This specially-designed curriculum will ensure that we have post-graduates here in Abu Dhabi with the knowledge, talent and expertise to increase Abu Dhabi’s footprint in the global semiconductor industry”.

The program curriculum will cover topics including: nanoprocessing, digital systems, integrated microelectronic devices and the physics of micro-fabrication. With an emphasis on developing skills for the future, students will be given the opportunity to participate in an internship at one of GlobalFoundries fabrication facilities located in Dresden, Germany and Singapore.  ATIC is also substantially contributing to the cleanroom being established at Masdar Institue. This equipment will enable the development of hands-on coursework experience for students.

Students enrolled on the MSc program will also benefit from access to an ATIC/GlobalFoundries mentor who will be available to provide career guidance and support as they progress through the field of Microsystems.

Interested students are encouraged to contact the admissions department at Masdar Institute, by telephone on+971 2 6988122 or e-mail registrar@masdar.ac.ae for more information on the program curriculum and he application procedure.