Members of Masdar Institute’s Young Future Energy Leaders Program Attend Two-Day Workshop on Leadership

September 21, 2018

Experts Lead Intensive Sessions on Key Characteristics of Leadership

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 18 October, 2012 – Masdar Institute of Science of Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, today announced it hosted a two-day workshop on leadership for members of its outreach initiative, the Young Future Energy Leaders (YFEL) program.

More than 35 YFEL members participated in the workshop titled ‘Being a Future Leader’. Held recently in Abu Dhabi, the workshop covered different activities such as short lectures, group discussions, hands-on activities, and panel presentations that helped them discover the key characteristics to become great leaders.

Zainab Abdul Rahim Al Ali, Senior Outreach Officer and YFEL Program Coordinator at Masdar Institute, said: “The leadership course emphasizes YFEL’s commitment to develop future leaders in advanced energy and sustainability. We are grateful to the UAE’s leadership that supports programs such as YFEL and motivates talented youngsters to excel in future energy and advanced technologies. As students, they need to gain adequate exposure to expertise that can make them effective leaders in this field. Attending courses on leadership will help them accumulate the most advanced knowledge and equip them to become future decision-makers in this industry.”

The course was led by a team of experts including Dr. Ken Volk, Outreach Manager, Kevin Garvey, Lecturer, Academic Writing for Graduate Students and Presentation of Academic Research, and Glenda El Gamal, Lecturer, Masdar Institute. The first day’s proceedings covered leadership concept, teamwork, groupthink, communication empowerment, interaction style, and psychometric test.  The second day’s activities included sessions on a wide range of topics such as making decisions as a leader, aspects of leadership, organizational structures, and leadership panel.

The two-day YFEL course forms part of an annual schedule of three courses on Technology, Policy and Leadership that cover renewable energy-related issues in managing and guiding peers. The courses targeted young practitioners and graduate students who aim to expand their knowledge of core issues in renewable energy technology, policy and leadership.

Lateefa Ahmed Al Hosani, a young professional at DP World and YFEL member, said: “The various activities and lectures have enhanced my learning experience, the groupthink, and team-work. I also liked the psychometric test that demonstrated to me the pros and cons of leadership characteristics of my personality. I also learned about the different styles of interaction that would work effectively with me as a leader and the meaning of the communications empowerments. This course has also allowed me to get to know the leadership skills of my colleagues.”

Faisal Al Marzouqi, a young professional with Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) and YFEL member, said: “I enjoyed the course and I learned new valuable information about leadership and how important it is to be a good leader. It was very interesting to know how leaders get to make decisions, especially in a dilemma, and what the different elements they take into consideration to ensure the benefit of their supporters. The leadership panel has helped in enforcing what we have learned during the two-day course, by discussing various leadership elements.”

Part of the Masdar Institute’s Outreach program, YFEL offers young professionals and students from the UAE and abroad an opportunity to become more engaged in finding solutions to the world’s biggest challenges – achieving energy efficiency and tackling climate change. It also aims to bring young professionals closer to government representatives, business leaders and other organizations active in the area of alternative energy and sustainability.