Masdar Institute Student and YFEL Member Attends Symposium in Rome to Initiate Steps for Opening INCOSE Chapter in UAE

September 21, 2018

Wail Farouq Almaeeni Hopes to Facilitate GCC’s First-Ever Tutorial for ‘Associate Systems Engineering Profession Certification’ Course

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 8 July, 2012 – A member of the Young Future Energy Leaders (YFEL) program, an outreach initiative of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, has begun initiating measures that will facilitate the opening of the UAE Chapter of International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and eventually establish its student’s division at Masdar Institute.

Wail Farouq Almaeeni from the Engineering Systems and Management program at Masdar Institute is currently selected to participate in the 22nd international INCOSE symposium, which is being held from 7-13 July in Rome, Italy. The symposium will host market leaders in Systems Engineering along with researchers, academicians and representatives from INCOSE.

The Masdar Institute student aims to actively engage stakeholders at the event that will include seminars and lectures on systems thinking, system design, and modeling systems – areas that may help him with his thesis. More specifically, Almaeeni will explore the opportunities to learn about the latest developments in tools, methodologies and approaches in systems engineering.

Dr. Toufic Mezher, Professor, Engineering Systems and Management, Masdar Institute, said: “Such students bring a totally different perspective to the academic and learning experience in Masdar Institute. We are proud to have students such as Wail Farouq Almaeeni, whose purview of interests expand far beyond his own benefits. Students like him represent the stature of any academic institution and we believe his efforts will bear fruits and bring long-term benefits to Masdar Institute, the local community and the UAE, as directed by the country’s leadership.”

A total of 116 papers, all related to the ESM program, will be published at the INCOSE symposium in Rome. Almaeeni is looking forward to attending seminars and lectures at the event in addition to meeting industry leaders in Systems Engineering.

Almaeeni said: “My objective is to open a student division of INCOSE at Masdar Institute and in order to do that we should have an INCOSE Chapter in the UAE. My main purpose of attending the event in Rome is to gather information about the organization that will help me achieve this goal. As an ESM student, I will have the chance to attend Associate Systems Engineering Profession (ASEP) certification preparation tutorial, which I have been trying to obtain for the past two years. This tutorial is not yet offered in the region.

“Once a student division is established, the INCOSE journal, international symposium and other events would become platforms for Masdar Institute students to publish their papers. Students in the UAE would also have the chance to access the INCOSE database. Moreover, Masdar Institute will be listed on the INCOSE website as an institute that offers Engineering Systems and Management program.”

Wail Farouq Almaeeni is also keen to visit the Laboratory for Nuclear Physics in Rome with a group of professionals, part of the INCOSE symposium agenda. Almaeeni added that with the UAE entering the nuclear era, some of the students are eagerly waiting for the introduction of a Master’s program in Nuclear Engineering at Masdar Institute.

He added: “The Rome INCOSE symposium will be an opportunity to promote YFEL and Masdar Institute. I plan to wear the Masdar insignia and YFEL logos and talk about Masdar Institute. I strongly believe this would one day result in rewarding deals such as sharing experiences and MOUs with Masdar Institute or the UAE’s Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC).”

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