Masdar Institute Research Engineer and Alumnus a Top Winner at Microelectronics Olympiad

September 21, 2018

Ahmed Elian, a Masdar Institute MSc in Microsystems Engineering Class of 2014 graduate and current Research Engineer, has won second place at the 10th International Microelectronics Olympiad of Armenia – an international contest designed for the world’s brightest microelectronics engineers and students under the age of 30.

Elian was one of 42 finalists selected from over one thousand participants who competed in the first stage of the Olympiad. During the final round in Armenia, Elian beat out 40 more top engineers and students.

Attributing his success to the strong, multidisciplinary microsystems engineering program at Masdar Institute, Elian said: “Most of the knowledge that benefited me in the contest was acquired through my studies at Masdar Institute. This achievement reflects Masdar Institute’s advanced level of education in the area of microelectronics, which has been strongly supported by the UAE.”

The selective Olympiad, which this year attracted engineers from 29 countries, is conducted in two stages. The first stage of the Olympiad is held in several countries around the world. Participants in these countries have one hour to complete a multiple-choice exam that covers complex questions in the areas of digital integrated chip designs, semiconductor devices, and algorithms for electronic design automation. In the second stage, the top 42 scorers are invited to Armenia, where they take a second, more challenging four-hour long written exam covering similar microsystems-related concepts.

“This is the second time Masdar Institute has participated in this international competition, and we are particularly proud of Ahmed’s achievement this year,” said Dr. Ibrahim (Abe) M. Elfadel, Head of the Masdar Institute Center for Microsystems and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. “Ahmed’s achievement demonstrates both the top talent we have here at Masdar Institute and the high quality of our education and research programs. Our participation in this and similar competitive events is bound to gain Masdar Institute both the visibility and recognition our researchers and students deserve.”

The annual event aims to broaden the international community of young specialists in microelectronics, while also evaluate the level of knowledge of participants in order to make necessary adjustments to regional educational programs.

Speaking about the competition, Elian said: “I was inspired by the unique challenge of competing against participants from different parts of the world in an international contest that spans various topics related to my major field of study and research. It served as a measure of my background knowledge in microsystems engineering and I wanted to see how far I could go in the competition. It was also a unique opportunity to visit Armenia, a country deeply rooted in history with one of the most charming landscapes.”

Elian’s research is in the area of mixed-signal integrated circuit design, which he carries out through Masdar Institute’s Center for Microsystems (iMicro).

Erica Solomon
News and Features Writer
13 December 2015