Masdar Institute Master’s Student Wins YahSat Innovation Award 2017

September 21, 2018

Masdar Institute’s Fedeyya Al Mansoori, Master’s student of Space Systems and Technology Concentration and Computing and Information Sciences, was awarded the YahSat Innovation Award – Fekrati – for her project titled ‘Real Space Environment Simulation’ that proposes a shared platform that can be fed existing data as well as data from new spacecraft to produce an accurate real-time simulation of the space environment.

Al Mansoori received the award presented by Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, Chief Executive Officer of the Al Yah Satellite Communication Company (YahSat), during the 2017 YahSat annual retreat at the New York University Abu Dhabi Campus on 13 February. The award aims to encourage students in the Interdisciplinary Space Program to share their innovative ideas and add further value to the UAE Space Industry.

Al Mansoori is specializing in space technologies as part of her MSc degree in Computing and Information Science. Her thesis is focused on improvements in data throughput and reliability of CubeSat satellites.

Al Mansoori’s faculty advisor, Dr. Zeyar Aung, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Masdar Institute, said: “I am proud of Fedeyya for winning this award and equally proud of Masdar Institute’s Master’s Concentration in Space Systems and Technology. This award confirms the importance of the Space Systems and Technology Master’s Concentration to the needs of the UAE’s space industry. The award was given to the best ‘research idea’ from more than 20 submitted entries in the area of space/satellite technologies.”

Al Mansoori’s award-winning project proposes the development of a shared mission data platform for existing satellites or spacecraft. Such a platform would enable more accurate real-time simulation of the space environment for future missions and thus reduce operational costs for satellite operators and companies.

Al Mansoori said: “I am so glad to win an award from YahSat, which is a leader in the UAE space industry.I am further grateful to the faculty members at Masdar Institute for their help and support. Masdar Institute offers a valuable opportunity to students like me to be surrounded by professional instructors and advanced equipment, which provides a stimulating environment to nurture creativity and conduct research.”

Al Mansoori is the first Masdar Institute student to receive the award that was launched in 2013. A total of 24 submissions were received for the 2016 award and the Innovation Committee judges included officials from Yahsat’s technical, business and corporate departments. The Fekrati initiative aims to acquire innovative ideas from employees that can add value to Yahsat’s capabilities and help deliver new business solutions.

Clarence Michael
News Writer
02 March 2017