Masdar Institute Becomes Region’s First to Receive CIPS Corporate Certification-Standard

September 21, 2018

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 16 April, 2015 – The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, today announced its Business Services and Procurement Department (BSPD) has become the first among universities in the GCC region to receive the ‘Corporate Certification-Standard’ from the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS).

The certification was presented by Duncan Brock, Director of Customer Relationships and CIPS Subsidiary Offices. Outside the UK In-Charge, to Dr Fred Movenzadeh, President, and Hamza Kazim, Vice-President, Operations and Finance, Masdar Institute, at an awards ceremony organized by CIPS on 16 April 2015, which was attended by several government and industry officials.

CIPS certification for Masdar Institute
Commending the department, Kazim said, “We are proud that Masdar Institute’s Business Services and Procurement Department is the first in the region to receive this certification. The department has successfully maintained its governance standards by being agile and dynamic to match the sophistication of our researchers and their unique demands. Our strong procurement methodologies, innovative solutions and effective relationship management have ensured the credentials of Masdar Institute among international suppliers, who seek extraordinary guarantees before supplying high-technology equipment.”

Kazim added, “The BSPD also explores and identifies customization requirements while seeking to purchase new equipment for many of Masdar Institute’ unique cutting-edge laboratories. With global best practices, necessary governance mechanisms for effective supply assurance and compliance, we continue to achieve cost benefits. We are now looking forward to obtaining the next stage of certification in the near future.”

The process of CIPS certification took seven months of preparation, including meetings with officials and direct monitoring. It involved assessment of the policy, procedures, compliances and performance according to global procurement standards. The evaluation process measured procurement functions against the world-class standards through five dimensions — ‘Leadership and Organization,’ ‘Strategy,’ ‘People,’ ‘Process and Systems,’ and ‘Performance Measurement and Management,’

“The CIPS ‘Corporate Certification-Standard’ shows the emphasis Business Services and Procurement department places on global best practices and standards”, said Saleem Rayyan, Director. “The credit goes to the entire team within the department which has worked tirelessly towards this acknowledgement. We believe this achievement will motivate us to achieve more milestones in the years ahead”.

The certification validates Masdar Institute’s reputation and credibility for world-class procurement while strengthening stakeholder relationships. It is also likely to empower and motivate staff, while delivering significant cost savings and improving risk management.