KU’s Red Crescent Club Develops 10 Humanitarian Initiatives to Support Smooth Transition to Distance Learning for the Underprivileged

August 25, 2020

Club Wins Aoun Award for Community Service 2020

Khalifa University’s Red Crescent University Club created a portfolio of ten humanitarian initiatives around the theme “Using technology we learn from the safety of our homes.” The initiatives developed were specifically geared toward helping underprivileged students access resources to optimize their learning experience.  

As a result, the Club was named this year’s recipient of the illustrious Aoun Award for Community Service – Higher Education Category. This award is a program of the Emirates Red Crescent to encourage the Emirati youth to help the community and instill in them the culture of volunteerism. 

Following is a list of the 10 projects the club developed:

  • Launching a Learning Platform for Students Around the World

The Club developed and launched a “learning” platform that is open for all students around the world. This site offers different learning tools and resources such as tutorials, online courses and workshops, study guides and resources for different subjects, and even an online chat room where students can meet other students who have the same majors or interests. 

  • Setting Up Distance Learning at a Refugee Center

One of the remarkable achievements of the Club was helping a refugee center in Abu Dhabi set up their distance learning program. The club searched and selected the best tools and equipment for distance learning that the academic and administrative staff can use for the center. 

They built a website for the center and created official email accounts for the students and administrators. They also assisted in training the center’s administrative and academic staff on how to use the different distance learning platforms.

The club volunteers also worked on setting up virtual classrooms for the students in the refugee center to make it easier for them to attend their online classes. 

  • Donating Tablets to Students of the Refugee Center

The Club, in cooperation with the Emirates Red Crescent Authority and other donors, was able to provide 19 new tablets to the students in the refugee center. 

  • Preparing the Donated Tablets

Before distributing the tablets, the Club members formatted and programmed the devices to ensure that they were ready to be used by the students for their studies. 

  • Activating the Remote Volunteering System for the Club

This system allows students to volunteer remotely for tasks that do not require the actual presence of the individual. These tasks may include conducting research, designing websites, preparing marketing materials, online tutoring, and conducting remote lectures and workshops.

  • Conducting e-Lectures for KU Students

Club members shared their knowledge with their fellow students and conducted a lecture entitled “Strategies for Studying Differential and Integration Courses” to help other students excel in challenging subjects. The students who conduct these lectures have been trained by KU for them to correctly and effectively share what they know to their fellow students. 

  • Providing Online Workshops on Distance Learning

The Club also conducted two workshops, “Effective Tools to Improve Your Studies and Achieve Success” and “Digital Aids to Enhance Your Study Experience”, to enhance students’ study experience. 

The Club continues to provide online lectures and training courses for students and teachers as well to introduce the most effective tools and applications to support distance learning. 

  • Creating an Online Depository of Educational References and Electronic Tools

To accompany the workshops they conducted, club members also developed comprehensive digital guides that students can easily refer back to whenever they need. These resources are easily accessible on the Red Crescent Club website. 

  • Creating the “Your Guide to Academic Excellence” Resource

This guide summarizes all the strategies and methods used by students to help with their studies and excel academically.

  • Launching an Online Store to Feature Student Crafts and Products

The site was developed as a place for students to showcase things they have made that they want to sell. This initiative encourages students to invest their spare time in learning new skills and hone these skills to become future business endeavors. 

Majed Abdullah Abbod Bin Saad, President of the Red Crescent University Club, said: 

“Despite the challenges imposed on the Red Crescent Club of Khalifa University by these exceptional circumstances, the club managed to receive the first place of the Aoun Award. This is, if anything, proof of the members’ determination and their willingness to invest their time and efforts to create a better tomorrow for a better society. 

“I am proud to say that in our first participation we’ve achieved more than 40 different accomplishments and completed more than 800 volunteering hours to ensure that our initiatives serve the target group enduringly.

“I’d like to thank the Red Crescent for their unfailing efforts to instill the values of volunteering in the hearts of our youth through the Aoun Award. I would also like to thank Khalifa University for supporting our initiatives, inspiring the students’ sense of social responsibility, and encouraging them to invest both energy and time to serve the society.

“Our club will continue launching its innovative initiatives and programs thanks to our distinguished members and university who always strive to achieve more.”

Majed’s dedication to the club is admirable as he leads and inspires his fellow club members to imbibe the value of volunteerism. Majed is also one of the recipients of the Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work 2020 for his volunteer efforts.   

To learn more about the Red Crescent University Club or if you want to participate in their activities, you can visit their website:

Ara Cruz
Creative Writer
25 August 2020