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KU Research Paper Wins IET 2020 Premium Award for Best Paper

February 9, 2021

A team of students and researchers from Khalifa University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has been awarded the 2020 Premium Award for Best Paper in IET Networks for their paper Monetization of IoT data using smart contracts.


According to the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Premium Awards recognize the best research papers published during the last two years. Ahmed Suliman, Zainab Husain, Menatallah Abououf, and Mansoor Alblooshi worked on the paper under the supervision of Dr. Khaled Salah, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Dr. Khaled Salah

“This paper came out of research conducted during a graduate course on blockchain and the Internet of Things,” explained Dr. Salah. “In the era of the Internet of Things, smart connected devices have the ability to generate data that could be of interest to the public. This paves the way for an emerging market for monetized data exchanges, where IoT device owners can sell access to live data generated by their connected devices to interested users. Implementing a trusted, cost-efficient, automatic monetization solution of IoT data can be a challenging problem that blockchain and smart contracts could answer. Our paper presented a blockchain solution for monetizing IoT data on a secure and trusted platform.”


“The IET Premium Award is a highly prestigious acknowledgement by the Institute of Engineering and Technology, making this achievement a true reflection of the researchers’ excellent contribution to the field,” said Dr. Bayan Sharif, Acting Provost of Khalifa University.


Jade Sterling
Science Writer
9 February 2021