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KU Employees Attend CREDO™ Board Simulation Leadership Training

December 31, 2019
KU Employees Attend CREDO™ Board Simulation Leadership Training

A CREDO™ Board Simulation Leadership Training was organized by the Human Resource Department for employees last December 2019 at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi. Employees were encouraged to take part in an engaging and insightful leadership training session to improve workplace dynamics and team management. 


The full-day training session was led by professionals from HNI Training and Coaching, in cooperation with Practex Management Consulting, whose expertise is in delivering soft skills and management programs through simulation-based training. The training is designed to help employees better understand and assess complex or difficult workplace scenarios to enable them to adjust their behaviors in response these scenarios and communicate clearly in a manner everyone involved will understand. 

Leadership depends on specific situations and no single leadership style can be applicable to all situations. The CREDO™ Board Simulation Training aims to improve leaders’ and employees’ understanding of situational leadership, focusing on understanding workplace challenges and how different individuals within the team will react to these challenges, and then leveraging this understanding to achieve the team’s goals. 


The employees who attended were grouped into different teams and brainstormed solutions for the simulation exercises given.  Everyone enjoyed participating in the discussion and team activities as they learned new leadership and management techniques.