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Khalifa University’s Center for Biotechnology Becomes UAE’s First Non-diagnostic Research Laboratory to Receive DoH Accreditation

October 7, 2022

Accreditation Validates BTC’s World-Class Infrastructure to Offer Training in Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Clinical Biochemistry to Fresh Graduate Students, Interns, and Volunteers


Khalifa University of Science and Technology today announced the KU Center for Biotechnology (KU-BTC) has become the first non-diagnostic research laboratory in the UAE to get accredited by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, for fulfilling a criteria of Approved Practice Setting (APS) that can currently be otherwise fulfilled only by diagnostics facility in hospitals or medical centers or diagnostics medical laboratories.


The DoH accreditation means that KU-BTC has the required setup and the infrastructure to train fresh graduate students, interns, volunteers in Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Clinical Biochemistry in a world-class environment for up to six months. Moreover, graduates from Khalifa University or any other local or international institutions, who are looking to be qualified (licensed) as medical lab technologists, can start their work placement or internship with BTC, which will give them hands-on experience in molecular biology and genetics.


Dr. Habiba Alsafar, Director, KU-BTC, and Associate Professor-Molecular Biology and Genetics, Khalifa University, said: “Being accredited by DoH will help KU-BTC explore more research activities in diverse fields, while attracting professors and post-doctorates to start their research in a certified laboratory. This certification will also raise KU-BTC’s local and international visibility and would help attract more talented students to Khalifa University, in addition to affirming our excellent credibility.”


Students of Khalifa University’s College of Art and Science and Biomedical Engineering will also be able to earn credit towards their training or internship with KU-BTC. At the same time, the DoH accreditation will also attract students majoring in Engineering and Science subjects to fulfill their internship programs with the research center.


Recently, KU-BTC organized the 2022 summer internship to empower students with technical competence and the confidence needed to work in a molecular biology and genetics laboratory. A total of 16 third- and fourth-year bachelor’s students in Biology and related sciences participated in various Molecular Biology projects and learnt invaluable skills like DNA extraction, PCR testing, Genotyping and Sequencing.


Clarence Michael
English Editor Specialist
7 October 2022