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Khalifa University’s Accelerated and Dual Credit Programs Gaining Wider Appeal among High School and Under-Graduate Students

March 2, 2021

23 Elite Students from Grades 11 and 12, and Seven Undergraduates Enroll for Spring 2021 Semester Dual Credit and Accelerated Programs  


Khalifa University’s Dual Credit and Accelerated Programs continue to gain wider appeal among students, with a total of 23 elite students from grades 11 and 12 currently enrolling under the High School–University Dual Credit program to earn credits that could be used for undergraduate admissions. Seven students are also benefiting from the 4+1 accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s program at present.


Launched in August 2020, the Khalifa University Dual Credit and accelerated educational program allows outstanding high school students to earn credit for Bachelor-level courses, and brilliant Bachelor’s students to earn credit for Master’s level courses. The program aims to bridge the gap between educational levels, providing an opportunity for exceptional students to obtain their degrees within a shorter duration.


Of the 23, a total of 17 students are newly enrolled for the 2021 Spring semester while six students, who have completed the Fall 2020 semester, are returning for a second semester.


The high school students were selected in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, after they excelled in rigorous entrance tests and personal interviews. They are offered five courses to choose from, including calculus, physics and introduction to programming (C++ or MATLAB), so that they could complete one course per semester. Eight faculty members are involved in offering these courses.


Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President, Khalifa University, said: “We are proud of these talented high school students who, through our Dual Credit and accelerated program, have now earned undergraduate and graduate credits that will be useful for further education. This fast-track program offers an excellent option for outstanding students to launch their academic pursuits and achieve their goals within a shorter time-period. The program is our initiative to integrate education into a seamless experience, especially between general and higher education. It also serves as our outreach effort to engage with the community to enroll talented students into science and engineering majors to provide local human capital to the thriving industries in the UAE.”


Similarly, the Accelerated Master of Science Programs enable exceptional senior undergraduate students in the College of Engineering to start their Master’s studies even while pursuing their undergraduate education. Through the Accelerated MSc program option, a highly motivated student, with the help of her/his academic advisor, can finish undergraduate and Master’s degrees within a nominal period of five-years. The program targets students for whom a Master’s degree will provide the necessary preparation to achieve career goals, or for pursuing a doctorate degree.


Computer Engineering student Saeed Ali Saleh Jumaan Alseiari, who has enrolled for the 2021 Spring semester, said the accelerated Master’s program especially at Khalifa University was an opportunity for him to further his education and get a PhD, which has been his objective. He hopes to use the knowledge he gains as a catalyst in artificial intelligence research domains.


The students believe credits from the UAE’s top-ranked Khalifa University can be leveraged not only to shorten their time in pursuing their degrees, but also to improve upon their employment prospects as a career professional.


Clarence Michael
English Editor Specialist
2 March 2021