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Khalifa University Wins Research Grants Totaling over AED21 Million in ADEK’s AARE 2019 Cycle

March 11, 2020

University Once Again Demonstrates Its Status as a Pioneering Institution Focusing on Innovation and R&D in UAE’s Strategic Sectors

Khalifa University of Science and Technology has once again demonstrated its status as a premier research-intensive institution focusing on the UAE’s strategic sectors by winning nearly half of all the research grants awarded under the 2019 Abu Dhabi Award for Research Excellence (AARE).

Khalifa University received a total of 23 out of 48 awards, with an overall value of more than AED 21 million. The AARE marked its fourth round of funding this year.

Of the 23 selected proposals from Khalifa University, 17 were from the College of Engineering, five were from the College of Arts and Science and one from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Dr Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, said: “We have once again validated our status as a pioneering research-intensive university that is focused on the UAE’s strategic sectors, contributing the country’s drive towards becoming a knowledge-based economy. This remarkable performance would not have been possible without the expertise of our world-class faculty, which we believe will firmly keep us on the path of scientific exploration, while developing and training talented students.”

The number of project proposals and the total grants received this time has far exceeded the university’s performance in the AARE 2017 cycle, when Khalifa University won a total of 18 AARE awards with research grants totaling AED5 million.

The AARE is a competitive funding program for outstanding research proposals in targeted areas within Abu Dhabi. The targeted sectors of strategic importance to Abu Dhabi for the 2019 cycle of research grants include ‘Aerospace’, ‘Energy, ‘Environment’, ‘Health, Food and Agriculture’, ‘Information and communication Technology (ICT)’, ‘Manufacturing’, ‘Education and Social Sciences’.

Research funded by the AARE program is expected to advance scientific and technological development within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as well as develop meaningful partnerships between Abu Dhabi scientists and leading academic and industrial collaborators, both nationally and worldwide.

With a total of 19 research centers focusing on the strategic economic sectors of the UAE, Khalifa University leads in pioneering innovation in hydrocarbon exploration and production, clean and renewable energy, water and environment, healthcare, aerospace, supply chain and logistics, artificial intelligence, robotics and data science, information and communication technologies (ICT) and advanced materials and manufacturing.

Khalifa University currently has over 140 issued patents, with around 360 patent applications pending and more than 400 invention disclosures.

Clarence Michael
News Writer
11 March 2020