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Khalifa University to Highlight Its Status as Key Stakeholder in Knowledge and Human Capital Development at Aqdar World Summit 2021

October 25, 2021

University to Spotlight Latest Innovations in Sustainable Development, Especially in Science, Technology and Engineering Areas  


Khalifa University of Science and Technology today announced it will showcase its expanded academic offerings and research options at the Aqdar World Summit 2021 exhibition to demonstrate its status as a key stakeholder in the knowledge and human capital development sector.


Aqdar World Summit 2021 will be held from 25-27 October alongside the world’s greatest show, EXPO 2020 Dubai. Khalifa University’s participation in the exhibition under the ‘Future of Education’ segment, is also in line with the summit’s key slogan ‘Nourishing Minds, Flourishing Nations’, which is aimed at building the capabilities of communities in diverse cultures, with the UAE representing a part of this global diversity. The summit’s theme is ‘Positive Global Citizenship – Empowerment of Sustainable Investment Opportunities’.


Dr. Ahmed Al Shoaibi, Senior Vice-President, Academic and Student Services, Khalifa University, Khalifa University, said: “Knowledge and human capital development sector remains integral to any community’s overall progress, and universities and academic institutions have an essential role in contributing to this fundamental aspect. Through our participation in the Aqdar World Summit exhibition, we aim to showcase not only our academic and research strengths but also the innovative solutions that our expert faculty and talented students have been able to achieve over the years. For stakeholders interested in the latest innovations in sustainable development, especially in the science, technology and engineering areas, Khalifa University will spotlight the depth of its commitment towards creating, developing and building human and intellectual capital regionally and globally.”


Khalifa University’s 20 research centers drive innovation in an impressive array of research domains including the UAE’s strategic industries such as space systems and technologies, aerospace, robotics, machine intelligence, nuclear engineering, clean energy, sustainability, nanotechnologies, cyber security, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing and supply chain logistics. At present, Khalifa University has 189 issued patents, with 247 pending patents numbering and 443 invention disclosures.


Currently, Khalifa University’s PhD offerings cover Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical, Electrical, Computer, Engineering Systems, Materials, Mechanical, Nuclear, Petroleum and Robotics areas. The University offers doctorate programs in 15 areas, as well as one MD, 17 Master’s and 16 Bachelor’s programs. The most recently launched PhD programs include Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Earth Sciences, while bachelor’s programs in Cell and Molecular Biology, and Earth and Planetary Sciences, as well as Master’s program in Aerospace Engineering were recently launched.


Clarence Michael
English Editor Specialist
25 October 2021