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Khalifa University Students Present 54 Engineering Projects to Stakeholders on ‘Innovation Day 2023’

May 23, 2023

Diverse Project Concepts Demonstrate Students’ Creative Excellence, as well as Authentic and Community-Relevant Innovations


Khalifa University of Science and Technology today announced a total of 54 innovative senior design projects from six engineering disciplines were showcased to  the stakeholders on Khalifa University Innovation Day 2023 the annual exhibition that acknowledges the creative excellence of senior graduating students.


The range of project concepts displayed at the Khalifa University Main Campus included Aerospace Engineering (9 projects), Biomedical Engineering (11), Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering (3), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (17), Industrial and Systems Engineering (5), and Mechanical Engineering (9).


Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President, Khalifa University, said “Such an array of diverse project concepts demonstrate the creativity and authentic community-relevant innovations from Khalifa University students, which validates our status as a pioneering institution for intellectual and human capital.  These projects reflect the close involvement of the students with faculty whose guidance remains the key factor for the excellence of students.”


Aerospace Engineering projects included 3D scanning and reconstruction of aero-engine blades, Designing an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft for urban air mobility, Design of light-weight aero-structures inspired by deep-sea sponge, Design and construction of an unmanned air vehicle for AIAA’s Design-Build-Fly competition, and a polymorphing wing capable of active span extension and passive twist.


The Biomedical Engineering projects included Electrokinetics for cancer diagnosis, 3D printing cells and scaffolds for bone tissue engineering, Artificial intelligence and autonomous drone for mask detection, Human lower limb vibration stimulation and sensory-cognitive integration in post-stroke rehabilitation: A pilot study, Tracking eye movements with common computing devices, and 3D-printed conducting polymer structures for next generation printed bioelectronics.


Projects from Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering focused on Application of Gabbro dust for agricultural soil improvement in arid regions, Modular design of a sustainable building, and Food security and environmental protection via hydroponic system for decentralized wastewater reuse for agriculture. At the same time, projects from Industrial and Systems Engineering include Industrialized Building System (IBS) teaching lab for engineering students, Risk management and resiliency of the supply chains, Implementing lean manufacturing principles to Emirates Weather Enhancement Facility, and Renewable energy in the Middle East: current state and future plans.


Projects from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science covered various concepts relevant to AI-based environment prediction system, 3D sun-tracking hybrid PV-battery energy storage systems (BESS), camping tent, Water-fueled vehicle, Intelligent link boxes for smart maintenance high voltage underground cables in the UAE, Credit card fraud detection, Hybrid flying car, Islamic Zakah mobile applications, Design and control of induction machine-based Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) powertrain, Machine learning for device level prediction in secure and resilient private phone mesh networks, Smart trash bin using computer vision-based separation, Embedded AI system for elderly healthcare monitoring, A drone-based system for autonomous and onboard monitoring of solar panels, Automated apartment management system, and Access control mechanism in the blockchain storage.


Some of the Mechanical Engineering projects included Harvesting wind energy using a sustained flag – smart city applications, Development and Instrumenting atmospheric drop tube furnace for the gasification of solid slurry fuels, Design of a flow-bench test apparatus, Design and Implementation of unmanned surface vessel, and Design of flare stack system for autonomous UAV inspection.


Clarence Michael
English Editor Specialist
23 May 2023