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Khalifa University Showcasing New PhD and Master’s Offerings at Najah Abu Dhabi and International Education Show 2021

October 20, 2021

Khalifa University Currently Offers PhD, Master’s and 16 Bachelor’s Programs to Cover UAE’s Strategic Economic Sectors  


Khalifa University of Science and Technology announced it is showcasing its new PhD and Master’s academic programs as well as its overall research offerings at Najah Abu Dhabi 2021 and the International Education Show 2021.


The 17th International Education Show is being held from 19-21 October at Expo Center Sharjah, while Najah Abu Dhabi 2021 will be held from 27-29 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). The events offer Khalifa University a suitable opportunity to identify the brightest talents who are keen to pursue higher studies in niche specializations. As a consistently top-ranked academic institution in the UAE in research and academics, Khalifa University also remains one of the primary institutions of choice for students seeking admissions.


Dr. Ahmed Al Shoaibi, Senior Vice-President, Academic and Student Services, Khalifa University, said: “Our participation in the International Education Show and Najah Abu Dhabi demonstrate our academic and research capabilities and strengths in diverse fields. As a research-oriented university and as an academic institution that develops local national talent, Khalifa University remains committed to providing the necessary manpower to drive the UAE’s knowledge economy. With our expert faculty and state-of-the-art lab facilities, we are in the forefront of offering a favorable learning environment. We believe our participation in these two events will offer potential students a platform to interact with our faculty and officials, and learn more in detail about our admissions processes for undergraduate, postgraduate, medical and doctorate programs.”


Khalifa University currently offers doctorate programs in 15 areas, as well as one MD, 17 Master’s and 16 Bachelor’s programs. Some of the most recent academic programs that were launched include PhD programs in Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Earth Sciences, as well as bachelor’s programs in Cell and Molecular Biology, and Earth and Planetary Sciences, and Master’s in Aerospace Engineering. The PhD offerings cover Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical, Electrical, Computer, Engineering Systems, Materials, Mechanical, Nuclear, Petroleum and Robotics areas.


In the research domain, Khalifa University’s offerings include strategic industries such as space systems and technologies, aerospace, robotics, machine intelligence, nuclear engineering, clean energy, sustainability, nanotechnologies, cyber security, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing and supply chain logistics. At present, Khalifa University has 189 issued patents, with 247 pending patents numbering and 443 invention disclosures.


In the Nature Index 2021 ranking, Khalifa University ranked top in the UAE and second among Arab institutions in terms of research output. With a ‘share’ of 6.53 that is nearly three times higher than the second-ranked university, Khalifa University is ahead of all other contenders in the UAE in this ranking. The Nature Index is an indicator of high-quality research in the Natural and Physical Sciences, including Chemistry, Life Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences and the Physical Sciences.


Khalifa University is also top-ranked in the UAE and among the top 10 out of 125 Arab institutions in the 2021 Times Higher Education (THE) Arab Universities Ranking. 


Clarence Michael
English Editor Specialist
20 October 2021