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Khalifa University CMHS’ Week-Long Summer Med-Camp 2022 for High School Students to Open on 8 August at Main Campus

August 8, 2022

Participants to Benefit from Special Activities and Capstone Projects that Generate Interest in Pursuing Careers in Medicine and Health Sciences  


Khalifa University has announced that the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) will host Summer Med-Camp 2022 to provide learning and growth opportunities for UAE National high school students keen on pursuing careers in medicine and health sciences. 


The week-long Khalifa University CMHS Summer Med-Camp 2022 will run from 8-12 August at the Main Campus. Participants will engage with current MD students, tour the campus facilities, and work on capstone projects on hypertension, anatomy, pharmacology, and on simulation, about which they will learn during the camp. The final projects will be presented to a panel of judges who will award the winner. 


Dr. Ahmed Al Shoaibi, Senior Vice-President, Academic and Student Services, Khalifa University said: “The Khalifa University CMHS Summer Med-Camp 2022 provides UAE national high school students an opportunity to learn from medical and healthcare professionals and understand the skill sets required to enter this crucial healthcare sector. The camp aims to not only generate interest among the students but also help them explore future career options in this important area right from a very young age. We believe the special activities and capstone projects will immensely benefit the participants.” 


Dr. John Rock, Founding Dean, Khalifa University CMHS, said: “The Summer Med-Camp is part of the pipeline programs that help stimulate interest and enhance the qualifications of potential applicants to the CMHS MD degree program”. 


The camp will include health and wellness activities, a session on presentation skills, an introduction to CMHS, and a Q&A session. 


The Khalifa University MD program is the first graduate-entry medical education program in the UAE and is accredited by the UAE Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA). The first cohort of KU medical students will graduate in 2023.Over the years, the Khalifa University College of Medicine and Health Sciences has registered remarkable achievements, including publishing 250 research papers in respected international scientific and medical journals. Khalifa University CMHS PubMed-listed research papers address a wide array of biomedical topics of relevance to the UAE and beyond, ranging from the Arab genome to diabetes, nanoparticles to cardiovascular and medical education.


Clarence Michael
English Editor Specialist
8 August 2022