Khalifa University Century Challenge, Region’s Largest, Attracts More Than 1,500 Cyclists

February 3, 2024

New Route from Dubai and Twin Starting Points Mark Khalifa University Century Challenge 2024


Khalifa University of Science and Technology and the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club (ADCC) today announced that more than 1,500 entered the third edition of the Khalifa University Century Challenge 2024, the largest in the region, with twin starting points – Abu Dhabi for (190km), and the new route from Dubai (175km).


Open to anyone from the region and beyond, the Challenge participants set off in four groups from the Khalifa University Main Campus in Abu Dhabi, and Al Qudra track in Dubai to the Jebel Hafeet summit in Al Ain for a grand finish. For the first time, the Dubai route added a new dimension to the Khalifa University Century Challenge 2024. 


The Challenge was organized to raise awareness on cycling in the community, encouraging everyone to participate in sport competitions and activities that help build a healthy lifestyle. The twin cycling routes for the Challenge also highlighted the UAE’s advanced infrastructure for cycling, providing a memorable ride across the country’s diverse terrain.


The 190/175km routes for the third Khalifa University Century Challenge represented the highest level of physical challenges and the capacity to pedal-up mountainous areas. It is a test for endurance, mentally and physically, and demands discipline and determination to cross the finish line.


Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President, Khalifa University, said: “We are proud to organize this sporting event with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and and the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club for the third year in a row, with a greater number of cycling enthusiasts joining the Challenge, demonstrating a continuing spread of awareness on cycling in the UAE community. The Khalifa University Century Challenge 2024 comes in line with our commitment to encourage everyone to participate in challenges and activities that help build a healthy lifestyle through sports.”


AlNekhaira Alkhyeli, CEO, Abu Dhabi Cycling Club, expressed his satisfaction at holding the challenge for the third year in a row, as well as the new start from Dubai for the first time, which adds more challenge and fun to the event.


He stressed that the large turnout of participants this year reflects the great increase in enthusiasts and cyclists in the UAE and confirms the extent of awareness of its importance for all members of society as it is a sport and an easy means of transportation, which benefits everyone, contributes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and maintains the environment.


AlNekhaira Alkhyeli explained that the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club is always available to organize races, challenges, and community rides, in support of enthusiasts of this sport.


In line with safety regulations, ADCC organized police patrols along the routes, allocating four feed stations, along with neutral support vehicles carrying water and nutrition, in addition to providing ambulance and support vehicles, as well as other logistics services by the Abu Dhabi Police, and the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT).


Alisha Roy
Science Writer
3 February 2024