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Khalifa University Bolsters Online Learning Opportunities through Coursera Partnership

April 20, 2021

Khalifa University (KU) has partnered with Coursera to enhance online education for the KU community. Coursera is the global online learning platform that offers anyone, anywhere access to online courses and degrees from world-class universities and companies.


Khalifa University becomes the first university in the Gulf Region to join Coursera’s 234 partners across 53 countries offering 6,966 courses. This strategic partnership is aligned to Khalifa University’s mission. 


This partnership means that Khalifa University faculty, students, and staff have access to the following:


Coursera for campus- Basic Plan:

Members of the KU community have access to the entire Coursera catalogue and can access almost all courses (i.e. can look through the content of all courses), and take one course – which is certificated – for free every year (in order to access this, KU learners should create a Coursera account linked to the Khalifa University email address).  


Partner Consortium:

KU becomes a partner of the Coursera Partner Consortium which allows all participating Universities to share their content, hosted on Coursera, for free with other participating partners. Learners from university partners can earn an unlimited number of certificates for free from this content. This initiative is not live yet, an announcement will be made soon to inform the KU community.


Coursera for Partners:  

All KU learners have access to all Coursera content created by KU faculty and staff. Not only can learners access all of the content produced by KU for free, they can also get certificates on any of KU’s courses on the Coursera platform.  


With online learning now core to the student experience, universities need an effective way to create and curate high-quality online curricula. For instructors, teachers and lecturers, Coursera for Partners provides the opportunity to privately author courses using Coursera’s powerful authoring platform. They can efficiently build custom courses, hands-on projects, assessments, and even embed Zoom recordings with Live2Coursera. Strategies and resources for effective online teaching are also available on the Coursera Teaching Center.


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20 April 2021