Khalifa University Announces Two-Week Virtual Spring Ektashif Coding Camp for High School Students from 28 March

March 28, 2021

Select Group of 30 Students to Present Coding Project Results on Conclusion of Program on 8 April


Khalifa University has launched the Ektashif Spring – School Coding Camp, a new initiative from the Khalifa University Outreach Office to run during the spring break. The online learning camp will start from 28 March for a select group of 31 UAE high school students.


It will cover topics in basic understanding and appreciation of various essential programming-language constructs, paradigms, evaluation criteria and language implementation issues.  


Participants will learn how to read and write code, develop cognitive skills, and learn a methodical and problem-solving technique by breaking down complex problems into units. They will also gain related skills such as logical thinking by selection and use of logical statements, as well as structural thinking by combining small units to find the outcome. Most importantly, they will realize the significance of perseverance and the mental strength to resolve any problem related to non-functioning of components.


Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President, Khalifa University, said: “The two-week Ektashif Spring – School Coding Camp aims to bring awareness to high school students on the importance of learning basic language skills that will help them develop refined analytic skills and clear, concise communication abilities. This camp is part of Khalifa University’s initiative to empower youth, not only through academic programs and research, but also through outreach programs such as Ektashif. We hope participants from high schools will take advantage of this opportunity to develop a problem-solving mindset, gain skills that make them well-versed in data structures and algorithms design, while learning multiple technologies and programming languages.”


The Ektashif Spring camp is inspired by UAE’s strategic goals. The UAE’s digital economy places significant importance to computer skills, demanding a fresh approach to education. Following the launch of programs such as the annual One Million Arab Coders initiative, coding has become a focus for the UAE. With software and computers impacting every part of life, it has become imperative for school students to learn about algorithms, ways to develop an app or understand the functioning of the internet. 


With 90% of jobs requiring digital skills, employability in the coming years depends on students being digitally literate, thus making the Ektashif Spring camp even more relevant for today’s students. At the end of the two-week Ektashif Spring – School Coding Camp, participants will present their coding project results. Certificates of completion will be awarded on 8 April.


Clarence Michael
English Editor Specialist
28 March 2021