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Khalifa University 2021 Summer Community Webinar Series to Offer Deeper Insights in Science, Technology, Medicine, and Business Start-Ups

August 26, 2021

String of Educational Webinars Back for the Second Summer Edition with More Interesting Topics Relevant to a Wider Audience in the Community  


Khalifa University of Science and Technology has announced the Summer Community Webinar series is back for the second year in 2021, offering more interesting topics and discussions in science, technology, medicine, and business start-ups that are relevant to a greater audience in the community.


The 2021 Summer Community Webinar series targets everyone – from high school and university students, to parents, professionals and those keen to broaden their skill set and knowledge. The free seminars are part of Khalifa University’s active commitment to sharing knowledge and resources, offering additional insights to the local and international community of learners on various subjects. The topics range from post-pandemic scenarios, lessons from coronavirus and science and technology, to tips on how to better understand one’s personality, build leadership skills, and create a sustainable lifestyle.


Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President, Khalifa University, said: “The 2021 Khalifa University Summer Community Webinar series reflects our commitment to spread knowledge and increase awareness in science, technology, medicine, and business start-ups as well as personal and professional development areas. These webinars are designed by our faculty experts to offer special insights in subjects that are relevant to everyone in the community. We believe this intellectual exchange will meet with the success similar to the previous summer and winter editions of the Webinar series.”


The 2021 Summer Community Webinar series will cover various areas including general strategies to reduce anxiety in daily lives, and top tips for reducing procrastination. Other areas include the importance of vaccinations, social distancing and wearing facemasks in the fight against COVID-19, worldwide impact of COVID-19 on economies and industries, and the importance of epidemiology during the pandemic and its impact on our lives.


Details on the wide range of petroleum sciences and why research in the UAE’s strategic oil and gas sector is important will also be offered at one of the webinars. The webinars will additionally focus on cutting-edge technology areas such as transmission electron microscopy and role of nanoparticles, as well as wireless power transfer and how it can change lives in an age of electric vehicles (EVs).


Topics such as the importance of team dynamics for a successful start-up journey, and the role of exponential technologies, organizations and platform business models, as well as the need for a systematic approach to foster creativity and the innovation process, will also be covered.


Originally launched in August 2020, the Khalifa University Community Webinar is a string of educational webinars that ran throughout the summer, with a winter series in January 2021 that ran for one month.


For more information about the webinars, visit: https://www.ku.ac.ae/community-webinars


Clarence Michael
English Editor Specialist
26 August 2021