Khalifa Award for Education

September 21, 2018

The Khalifa Award for Education was established to reward the efforts of all who excel in the educational field, to celebrate their efforts and creativity, and to recognize their work in research, projects and programs everywhere.

The Award is blessed by the generous support of His Highness President of the UAE and is managed by a council of trustees, an executive committee and jury panels. The council of trustees has decided that the award is to be for all who work in the educational sector, whether citizens or residents. The Award has been extended this year 2008-2009 to cover nine targeted fields; five of which are related to the local educational field and four related to the Arab World. Our plans for 2009-2010 is to hopefully cover twelve fields in the UAE, the Arab World and internationally; as all activities of research and study in this field are interactive and beneficial to each other regardless of the country of origin.

We believe that this Award will be a great incentive for the development of education, supporting all those who put their sincere efforts into its various fields.