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Inspirational Talk with Maryam AlHabroosh, Head of Mahali Program at noon

August 17, 2021

The Career Services Office hosted a virtual Inspirational Talk by Maryam AlHabroosh, Head of Mahali Program at noon, on Wednesday, 4 August.


Maryam AlHabroosh is an Emirati entrepreneur who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Sharjah University and a Master’s degree in Advertising from Boston University. She takes pride in her role in helping small businesses grow online through noon’s Mahali program.


During a virtual ‘Inspirational Talk’ held earlier this month at KU, AlHabroosh introduced the technology company noon, a platform for buying and selling products, and the new services noon is rolling out to fulfill its mission to develop a 360-degree digital ecosystem and to become the go-to e-commerce business in the Arab region.


AlHabroosh discussed the growing trends of the e-commerce industry, highlighting how the Covid-19 pandemic has given the industry a significant boost. She also gave some key pointers to be considered when building a successful e-commerce business, and provided some seller success stories of business owners who worked with noon to boost their sales.


The noon Mahali program, which AlHabroosh heads, aims to help Emirati entrepreneurs to sell their products online.


She concluded her talk with an inspiring message, telling the students that they should never let fear or intimidation hold them back. She advised students to pursue their dreams, whether academically or a business, and to start with one idea at first to give that first idea a chance, so that other ideas can then grow.


With over 200 KU students in attendance, the Inspirational Talk was a tremendous success. 


Erica Solomon
Senior Publication Specialist
17 August 2021